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Fellow : Noot Sengthavisouk From Laos

image sengthavisoukName of Fellow: Dr. Noot Sengthavisouk

Home Centre: Nephrology Department, Mittaphab Hospital Vientiane Capital Lao PDR

Host Centre: Nephrology Division at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok Thailand

Mentor: Prof. Kearkiat Praditpornsilpa

Training Duration: 12 months as from June 1, 2016



Learning objectives:

  • Acute kidney injury focus acute peritoneal dialysis as primary treatment and hemodialysia as an option of Laos
  • To develop skill peritoneal dialysis and learn how to setup peritoneal dialysis system in Lao PDR
  • To develop skill of acute hemodialysis as an option of AKI treatment if the patient have contraindication of peritoneal dialysis


Profile Description and Training plan:

Learning from documents for specific mission to get knowledge and skill for dialysis (PD and HD) and learning from bedsides for general nephrology and intervention nephrology




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SRC Program Level B : Russia - Finland

picture Russia finlandEC Institute: Federal State Budgetary Institution "Scientific Centre of Children Health",
Department of Nephrology

EC Liaison officer: Alexey Tsygin

SC Institute: Department of Pediatric Nephrology and Transplantation. University of Helsinki

SC Liaison officer: Christer Holmberg

 Name of SRC Pair: Russia-Finland

Pair Level: Level B

Learning objectives:

  • Renal Transplantation
  • Critical Care Nephrology
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Renal Pathology


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SRC Program Level HB : Nigeria - USA

Nigeria 1EC Institute: Delta State University Hospital, Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria

EC Liaison officer: Ogochukwu Okoye

SC Institute: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA

SC Liaison officer: Nilum Rajora, MD

Name of SRC Pair: Nigeria and USA

Pair Level: Level HB

Learning objectives:

  • Further developing and sustaining the kidney transplant program at DELSUTH
  • Develop competence in critical care nephrology: CRRT and adopting current guidelines of care
  • Acquire skills in some aspects of interventional nephrology: de-clotting of AVF, re-visiting blocked perm-caths, renal sonography
  • Improve clinical research skills


  • Nephrology CME at DELSUTH to cover focus areas
  • CRRT Training workshop and commencement of CRRT services at DELSUTH • Perform next sets of kidney transplants
  • Transmitting through teleconferencing, conferences held at UTSW to DELSUTH
  • Establish a stand-alone Outpatient haemodialysis centre at DELSUTH
  • Develop full AVF services at DELSUTH in collaboration with the surgical and radiology departments
  • Clinical research – Focused on risk factors for CKD in the young


Nigeria 4Nigeria 3Nigeria 2


picture Kenya NetherlandsEC Institute: Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret

EC Liaison officer: Bonafice Ganda

SC Institute: Vrije Universiteit university medical center, Amsterdam

SC Liaison officer: Pieter ter Wee


Name of SRC Pair: Kenya -The Netherlands

Pair Level: Level B 

Learning objectives:

  • Train nephrologists and surgeons to do renal transplants
  • Further develop the dialysis program in Eldoret
  • Help initiate a cohort study on the prevalence of CKD in the Kenyan community
  • Teaching students and residents on renal disease and renal replacement therapy
  • Initiate a student exchange program (clinical and research)

Where the initial focus of the work in Eldoret was on establishing a good hemodialysis unit, the last 1½ year the focus switched to renal transplantation. In 2016 the aim is that after two additional visits by the renal transplant team from VUmc, the transplant team in Eldoret will be able to continue doing transplants independently, where we will come the subsequent years only for additional reaching and training, possibly helping out only with more complicated cases (e.g. duplicate vessels etc.). Two weeks will be scheduled in which 4 transplant procedures each week will be performed. In fact in the first week of April 2016 the first 4 procedures have been performed so far successfully.

The second week will be scheduled in September/ October. During this week site visit to the community in which data are gathered on the prevalence of CKD, hypertension and diabetes as part of a PhD-project on the epidemiology of CKD and related causes in the Kenyan community. The aim of building this cohort is to gain insight in the problem of CKD in Kenya, also aiming on enhancing awareness of the CKD-problem in the community with potential development of preventive strategies. A third week will be scheduled for pediatric nephrology and urology, aimed at teaching urologists how two handle better inborn errors and teach pediatric nephrologists better in the early recognition and possible treatment options for children with CKD. During these weeks many teaching sessions will be held such as teaching on nephrology topics for the general hospital staff, grand rounds for students, residents and hospital staff and hands on training to students, nurses and house officers of the renal department.


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SRC Program Level B : Fiji - Australia

Fiji Australia 1EC Institute: Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva

EC Liaison officer: Amrish Krishnan

SC Institute: Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Sydney

SC Liaison officer: Angus Ritchie



Name of SRC Pair: Australia-Fiji

SRC Level: Level B 

Short description of the project:

The mission of this partnership is for Fiji to become an independent centre of excellence in Nephrology by 2020. It will then serve as the ‘Blue Continent’s’ regional Nephrology hub in support of kidney health for all in the Western Pacific. Although the partnership has been established with Concord Repatriation General Hospital, many other renal units around Australia and New Zealand are supporting this project.

Learning objectives:

  • Improve awareness and advocacy for kidney disease in Fiji
  • Improve access to and use of basic diagnostic tests used in nephrology, including renal biopsy
  • Improve recognition and management of chronic kidney disease with focus on diabetic nephropathy and lupus nephritis
  • Improve treatment and outcomes of acute kidney injury, including use of dialysis


Fiji Australia 2

EC Institute: University Clinical Centre Tuzla Department of nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplantation

EC Liaison officer: Enisa Mesic

SC Institute: Nephrology Department, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

SC Liaison officer: Aimun Ahmed

Name of SRC Pair: Preston (UK) - Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Pair Level: Level B


Bosnia UK1 PIC

Learning objectives:

  • Introduce Kidney transplant long term follow up service and MDT
  • Setting up dedicated transplant follow up clinic in multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach in the EC
  • The annual review service and clinics for kidney recipients; skin review, immunosuppressive medications, cancer and infection review
  • Ultrasound Scan of the kidney transplant
  • Performing the transplant graft biopsy in real time and Ultrsaound guided technique
  • Clinical research in kidney transplantation
  • Managing the failing kidney transplant
  • Renal replacement therapy options for the failing kidney transplant including conservative management and end of life care
  • Retransplantation of the failing kidney
  • Epidemology and registry in kidney transplantation
  • The role of the transplant follow up coordinator and nurse Practitioner


  • Trainees from the EC will apply for ISN fellowships aiming for 1 ISN fellow during 2016 • Plans for a Transplant CME in Tuzla to be organised by the EC in 2016
  • Doctors from EC to attend clinical courses at the SC like; the Renal Biopsy Course and the Applied Nephrology Course which are annual courses
  • Developing the transplant follow up clinics in MDT at EC
  • Developing annual review service for kidney transplant recipients at EC
  • Improving the USS of the kidney transplant and graft biopsy techniques, the SC will donate a Toshiba USS machine and Biopsy needles to the EC
  • Developing the role of the transplant follow up coordinator and nurse Practitioner
  • Improving the Transplant Renal pathology service at the E


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SRC Program Level B : BOLIVIA - USA

picture 3EC Institute: Hospital Obrero #2 – CNS; Universidad Mayor de San Simon

EC Liaison officer: Rolando Claure-Del Granado

SC Institute: University of California San Diego

SC Liaison officer: Ravindra L. Mehta



Name of SRC Pair: Bolivia-USA

Pair Level: Level B


Learning objectives:

  • To make the Emerging Center a reference center for the treatment of AKI, this includes expanding our CRRT program (the only one in a region of nearly 1.000,000 inhabitants)
  • Continue to develop research projects, and to expand our current research activities that are mainly focused on AKI to other areas of Nephrology such as CKD and Transplantation
  • To establish a Nephrology Fellowship program in the next 2 years
  • Continue to support CME of our medical and nursing staff

Summary Of Planned Activities : 

The EC is involved in the 0by25 ISN project and will be conducting the pilot study of this important initiative for the Latinamaerican region. We consider that is important to develop a variety of tools and interventions to support prevention, early detection, treatment and enhanced recovery of patients with acute kidney injury is essencial. In order to accomplish these objectives we plan to adquired a polarized light microscope with digital camera, and a small lab centrifuge machine; these will become part of our AKI clinic and will allow us to be independent of Central lab (with a faster assessment of urinary sediment allowing to better identify the cause of AKI, differentiating between pre-renal and ATN, or identifying patients at higher risk of developing AKI for example).
Another tool we developed (during 2014) with the support for SLANH AKI Committee, is an App (available for andriod and apple plataforms) in Spanish language that has AKI KDIGO diagnostic criteria and classificaton, what to do at each AKI stage, and two calculators for rapid assessment of AKI criteria (using both sCr and urine volume criterion) this tool allows medical doctors, students, residents, fellows, and other allied personnel to better identify patients with AKI and guide initial treatment; we plan to expand this plattaform for example adding a risk score for better identifiying patients at risk of AKI, introducing more gadgets like estimating baseline sCr option.

We will keep founding CME activities to our group of young nephrologists and our division nurses, and to have UpToDate access for our Medical Staff.
We will continue to support Clinical research of AKI, and we will try to expand our research topics, taking the advantage that now we have 3 new young nephrologists with different areas of interest.


picture 2image belarus


Belarus Germany level B copie
EC Institute: Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

EC Liaison officer: Kirill Komissarov

SC Institute: Med. Klinik m.S. Nephrologie Charite Berlin-Mitte

SC Liaison officer: Professor Klemens Budde


Name of SRC Pair: Belarus - Germany

Pair Level: Level A

Learning objectives:

  • Treatment of acute kidney failure
  • Immunosuppression after kidney transplantation and in patients with primary kidney disease
  • Ultrasound investigation of kidney
  • Kidney pathology


EC Institute: Cho Ray Hospital. Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamAPSN

EC Liaison officer: Huong TB Tran

SC Institute: Westmead Hospital

SC Liaison officer: David Harris

Name of SRC Pair: Vietnam- Australia

Pair Level: A


Learning objectives: 

  • CRH staff cooperates with other centers to write the kidney transplantation guidelines for Vietnam, one of the main activities of Vietnamese Society of Organ transplantation this year
  • Medical kidney transplantation CME 3
  • CRH will be the host to organize the 2nd VSOT annual meeting at Cho Ray Hospital in August 2016


  • World Kidney Day: Cho Ray Hospital team, and Ho Chi Minh City- Urology and Nephrology Association organized the WKD for 180 physicians at Equatorial Hotel on March 12/2016.
    Main Topics: Pediatric Nephrology. 
    1. Update in diagnosis and treatment of Nephrotic syndrome in Children and Neonate: Dr Huynh Thoai Loan, Director, Nephrology and Endocrinology Department, Children 1 Hospital
    2. Chronic kidney disease and Renal Replacement Therapy in Children: Dr Hoang Diem Thuy, Director, Nephrology and Endocrinology Department, Children 2 Hospital
    3. Obstetric Nephrology: Associate Prof, Huong Thi Bich Tran, Chief, Nephrology Division, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, Vice Director, Nephrology Dept, Cho Ray Hospital
    Audiences: 180, including Nephrologists, Pediatricians, Urologists, Internists (Pictures as enclosed in ppt file)

  • Basic training course in Nephrology : From 21 March to 31 March, 2016 at Cho Ray Hospital
    1. Moderator and Organizer: Associate Prof Huong Thi Bich Tran
    2. Speakers: Instructors of University of Medicine and Pharmacy, HCMC, and Senior physicians of Nephrology Department, Cho Ray Hospital
    3. Teaching program: Case discussions in clinic with 4 common cases: CKD case, AKI case, Hematuria case, and Nephrotic syndrome Lectures and discussions
    Audiences: 120 audiences, including physicians, Nephrologists, internist, urologists, from 20 different hospitals of HCMC, and South Vietnam, Pictures as enclosed in ppt file

  • Short Training course at Australia Red Cross, Blood Service Pham, Le Nhat Minh, Chief of Technologist, Tissue typing lab, Cho Ray Hospital received the 8 weeks training course at Australia Red Cross about the luminex and different techniques related to immunogenetic and transplantation.
    His training program will start in May 3rd 2016 He received the grant from Novartis for the progression of kidney transplantation of Cho Ray Hospital (5000 USD). Inviting letter as enclosed

  • ISN fellowship training at Westmead Dr Nguyen Ngoc Lan Anh will start her ISN fellowship training program in June 2016 at Westmead Hospital with her mentor: Dr Vincent Lee
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SRC Program Level A : MALAWI - UK

EC Institute: Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi (EC)

EC Liaison officer: Dr Ulla Hemilla

SC Institute: Royal London Hospital Renal Unit, London UK

SC Liaison officer: Dr Gavin Dreyer and Dr Hamish Dobbie

Name of SRC Pair: Barts Health Malawi Sister Renal Centre Programme

Pair Level: Level A

Learning objectives:

  • The detection and management of AKI in Malawi
  • Improving haemodialysis services for AKI and ESKD • Developing a paediatric AKI service
  • Research activity covering AKI in adults, obstetric cases and paediatrics


Training visit for our lead nurse to the UK (Barts Health) for leadership, management and clinical dialysis training for AKI and ESKD Training visits x2 from the SC to the EC covering AKI, dialysis, research planning and a review of the local University renal curriculum Health centre CME programme for AKI.
Teaching local nurses and clinicians who work in a health centre how to detect and manage AKI Refurbishment of renal service at the EC.
New clinic rooms and equipment Development of a data collection tool for cases of AKI Participation in World Kidney Day Delivering a 1 day renal research symposium at the EC for learning dissemination.


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