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The ISN Renal Pathology Working Group seeks applications from nephropathologists from low and low-to-middle resource countries (as defined by the World Bank) for travel bursaries in 2020.

Four awards of up to a maximum value of $1500 per person will be awarded to finance either:

  • a mini-sabbatical to provide short term in-depth study of renal pathology by immersion in an established renal pathology laboratory for a period of 2-4 weeks,


  • attendance at a major renal pathology course  at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) to be held in Abu Dhabi, or courses in New York, Amsterdam, Warsaw (see below)

In addition, the organizers of the Columbia University Renal Pathology Course have kindly offered five awards of remote internet-based access to live streaming of the presentations during the first three days of the course, from July 10-12, 2020. Online access to audiovisual recordings of the presentations will also be provided for one month following the course. These are not monetary awards.

Successful applicants should already have fundamental knowledge in renal pathology, and should be involved in, or have the opportunity to become involved in, diagnostic evaluation of renal biopsy specimens. The awards are only available to ISN members.

Applications should be submitted electronically by December 13, 2019.

Please address any questions to 

Find further details and eligibility criteria on the application form.

Major renal pathology courses:

  • The Renal Pathology Course (26 March) at the World Congress of Nephrology to be held in Abu Dhabi 26-29 March, 2020
  • The International Renal Pathology Congress to be held in Warsaw 15-18 April, 2020
  • The Columbia University Renal Pathology Course Renal Biopsy in Medical Diseases of the Kidney to be held in New York City 10-13 July, 2020
  • Another course of your choice – please add details.

All sessions of the 17th International Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, held in collaboration with the International Society of Nephrology and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, taking place in Tabiz, Iran, will be streamed live at the ISN Academy over the three days of the Congress from November 19-22, 2019.

If you are unable to attend the event, the live stream will be available from tomorrow here. 

Recordings of the sessions will also be available after the Congress.

Monday, 18 November 2019 12:27

ISN at Kidney Week 2019

Meaghan Lunney, from the University of Alberta, Canada, presenting the abstract on ISN’s Global Kidney Health Atlas 2019, “Current Status of ESKD Care in World Countries and Regions,” during the morning session on November 9 at Kidney Week 2019.

isn booth visitors

Thanks to all those who visited the ISN booth in Washington, as well as all the ISN volunteer leaders who met on-site to carry out the work of ISN.

Session two of the ISN Online Curriculum on Intensive Care Nephrology is now available on the ISN Academy.

In this session, the characteristic features of AKI due to acute tubular necrosis are reviewed. The learning objectives are:

  • to understand the pathophysiology of tubular epithelial cell injury and repair as well as the main renal hemodynamic changes encountered in ICU during shock, sepsis and mechanical ventilation
  • to know the diagnostic procedures for AKI diagnosis
  • to know the specificities of AKI due to sepsis, cytolytic drugs, and antibiotics
  • to recognize and treat AKI secondary to rhabdomyolysis and hemolysis

To illustrate these topics, two typical clinical cases are presented (one case of rhabdomyolysis, one case of vancomycin toxicity) with a discussion about therapeutic options and recommendations.

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Issa Al Salmi, from Oman, a member of the ISN Young Nephrologist Committee (YNC) as well as the Local Organizing Working group of the WCN 2020 in Abu Dhabi, was recently awarded the prestigious Editors' Choice award by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD) for his research into the international variation, predictors, and outcomes of missed hemodialysis sessions. Since 2017, AJKD has recognized a small number of articles published within its journal, which the editors have selected to receive the Editors' Choice Award. This year, Issa’s paper was one of four original research studies selected for this prize.

abstract issa
Visual abstract of Issa’s study which received the award

A challenge to providing quality care to hemodialysis patients is that patients sometimes miss one or more of their thrice-weekly scheduled HD treatments. Issa and his team asked how missing hemodialysis treatments differs across countries, and how missing treatments relates to patient characteristics and outcomes. Using data from the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS), they showed that missing ≥1 hemodialysis treatment over four months varied greatly across countries (<1% in Italy & Japan; 24% in US), across facilities, by particular patient factors, and was associated with poorer outcomes.

The ISN YNC was established in 2007 with the aim of engaging the Society’s younger members, developing education, research, and leadership opportunities tailored specifically for this younger age group. Issa has been a member of the committee for the last five years. He is currently part of initiatives within the committee to better engage younger ISN members, and to encourage nephrologists and trainees from within his region, and worldwide, to become active members of the society. He hopes his award will inspire young nephrologists and trainees to become active members of the ISN and to participate in research to advance our understanding of kidney disease. Issa encourages young nephrologists to come together at the WCN 2020 in Abu Dhabi, to celebrate the work of young ISN members from across the world.

issa al salmi Issa Al Salmi receiving the AJKD Editor’s Choice Award at the American Society of Nephrology, 2019

Monday, 18 November 2019 08:54

ISN-ACT Toolkit to be launched at WCN 2020

As part of its aim to increase the number of international, high-quality clinical trials in nephrology informing the optimal prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications for the benefit of patients, the ISN-ACT (Advancing Clinical Trials) Committee is developing an online clinical trials toolkit to provide the nephrology community with a central and user-friendly resource on randomized clinical trials. This important project will be released at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Abu Dhabi, in March 2020.

The ISN-ACT Committee has drawn on contributions and expertise from over a dozen nephrologists and researchers from five continents. The resulting toolkit will be a focal point for those interested in clinical trials, regardless of their level of experience. This instrument will be of significant use to those working in countries where there is limited clinical trial expertise.

ISN members can look forward to the first online clinical trials toolkit designed specifically for the global nephrology clinical research community. Attend WCN 2020 and be part of the launch and the first to access the toolkit online.

Monday, 04 November 2019 11:15

ISN in Washington for Kidney Week

ISN will have three booths at the ASN Kidney Week from November 5-10, 2019, in Washington, DC. There will be free access to KI (Kidney International) journals at the KI Booth (No. 2632). The ISN booth (No. 2634) will be presenting the Friends@WCN special registration offer, taking registrations for WCN’20, and renewing memberships. The World Kidney Day booth (2636) will provide a photo opportunity at the even

The ISN warmly congratulates its president, Professor Vivekanand Jha, for receiving the American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO) 2019 Award for Academic Excellence for his outstanding achievements in nephrology.

Professor Jha is the Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health in India, and a James Martin Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford.

Professor Jha has wide-ranging research interests, including in comprehensive understanding of the implications of kidney diseases for global healthcare. He has collaborated with many organizations, notably the WHO, on clinical practice guidelines and advocacy papers to help develop affordable and sustainable primary and secondary kidney disease prevention tools. He lectures extensively around the world and is a prolific writer and editor.

The ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas (GKHA) 2019 manuscript “Status of care for end stage kidney disease in countries and regions worldwide: international cross sectional survey” was published in The BMJ on October 31.

The second edition of the GKHA reports on global kidney health across 160 countries representing 98% of the world’s population.

The report focuses on care for end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). It highlights the growing burden of ESKD and the significant inequities in accessing appropriate treatment both globally and regionally: two-thirds of patients living with ESKD have no access to lifesaving treatment such as dialysis, kidney transplantation or conservative care because of socio-economic, and political factors.

The researchers recommend important strategies to tackle this problem, and advocate for a greater involvement of local and international stakeholder organizations towards an equitable and optimal care for ESKD around the world.

Bello Aminu K, Levin Adeera, Lunney Meaghan, Osman Mohamed A, Ye Feng, Ashuntantang Gloria E et al. Status of care for end stage kidney disease in countries and regions worldwide: international cross sectional survey BMJ 2019; 367 :l5873

The ISN Online Curriculum on Intensive Care Nephrology launches today, November 4.

Pathophysiological and clinical data, along with clinical case studies, will be presented in four sessions made available on the ISN Academy every two weeks between now and December 16.

The course, directed by Eric Rondeau, Professor at APHP - Hôpital Tenon, Paris, France, and ISN Council Member, looks at the pathophysiology of acute disorders of the kidney; water and electrolyte disorders in ICU; acute kidney injury; glomerular, vascular or interstitial acute kidney diseases; and, renal replacement therapy for AKI patients.

The four sessions are made up of six 15-minute instructional visual presentations and two progressive clinical cases each. There is a multiple-choice test before and after each session, a discussion forum, references and guidelines. CME credits will be provided upon completion of the curriculum.

The first session “Main mechanisms and presentations of water and electrolyte disorders” as well as the full program, can be found on the ISN Academy website:

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