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Given the ISN’s core mission of advancing worldwide kidney health, it is essential that it has a presence and voice at those key events that are shape global health policy. Few organizations are as influential as the United Nations. From September 17–24, 2019, the UN will hold its General Assembly in New York. Here, it will discuss its priorities for the coming year.

A key topic – and one of particular interest to The ISN – is the issue of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Already endorsed by WHO, UHC is designed to ensure that all individuals and communities have access to essential health services – promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation - without suffering financial hardship. It now forms part of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

On September 23, as part of the UN General Assembly, there will a High-Level Meeting dedicated to UHC. This will review progress to date and – importantly for The ISN – will set out the next steps to achieving UHC. For the first time, UN Member States plan to make a Political Declaration on UHC, confirming the commitment to this goal and providing guidelines for its delivery.

For the ISN, this High-Level Meeting represents a huge opportunity to progress its objective of advancing worldwide kidney health. Our President, Vivek Jha will take part, giving kidney health a voice at this pivotal event for global health. He will inform the assembled Ministers and Ambassadors on the importance of ensuring that kidney disease is an intrinsic part of future UHC plans. The ISN is the only kidney health organization invited to the meeting.

The Political Declaration on UHC will provide The ISN and other national & regional organisations with an invaluable tool in their future advocacy efforts, helping them hold national government to account on their commitments in this area. [297]

To take full advantage of the many opinion leaders and opinion formers present for the UN General Assembly, The ISN is also co-hosting a high-level workshop entitled “Exploring Solutions For Multi-Morbidities Prevention And Control: The Case Of Circulatory Health”. ISN President, Vivek Jha, will be a keynote speaker on one of the two panel discussions. If you are in NYC you can register to the event by clicking here.

The meeting, held under the banner of the Coalition of Circulatory Health, has attracted participants from the World Heart Federation, the International Diabetes Federation, and the World Stroke organization. It will be a key element of The ISN efforts to push kidney disease up the pollical agenda. [102]

You can follow developments at the United Nations General Assembly on the ISN Twitter feed (@ISNkidneycare) or by using the hashtag #UNGA

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Friday, 06 September 2019 08:05

ISN at SLANH 2019 in Lima, Perú

ISN President Vivekanand Jha and Executive Director Charu Malik will attend the upcoming 18th Latin American Congress on Nephrology and Hypertension organized by the Latin American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension and the Peruvian Society of Nephrology in Lima on September 12-15 2019.

Prof Jha will present the ISN Pioneer Award for Latin America to Dr Edgar Sanclemente of Colombia. The Pioneer Award is given to an individual doctors in recognition of their substantial contribution to the development of nephrology in their country or region.

Prof. Jha and other leading experts including Prof. Bernardo Rodriguez Iturbe (Venezuela) and Prof. Carmen Avila Casado (Mexico) will speak at the ISN hosted Regional Workshop on glomerulopathies.

During the congress, Prof. Jha and Dr. Malik will meet with leaders from SLANH and ISN Affiliate and Collective Societies to learn how ISN can continue supporting members in Latin America and forging strong relationships with the nephrology community in Latin America.

They will also meet with representatives of the ISN Sister Renal Centers, ISN Fellows, and individual members. If you are at the Congress, please drop by the ISN exhibit table to meet our leaders and to learn more about ISN activities and programs.

Learn more about the Congress

The ISN-KI Editorial Fellowship will be awarded annually by ISN in conjunction with Kidney International (KI) to two ISN members who are early-career researchers in nephrology, dialysis or kidney transplantation.

The 2019-20 ISN-KI Editorial Fellowship winners are Dr. Anna Francis, a pediatric nephrologist at Queensland Children Hospital and post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney, Australia, and Dr. Sethu Madhavan, a nephrologist in Columbus, Ohio, and Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

During their fellowship years, Drs. Francis and Madhavan will train with the editors at KI and KI Reports. They will learn how to critically assess a manuscript, work as part of a team to evaluate the priority of manuscripts in a broader context, and discover how to manage the editorial responsibilities of a highly cited, reputable medical journal.

The Fellowship will also offer the opportunity to the winners to present their Editorial experience at the ISN annual congress. The 2020 World Congress of Nephrology is in Abu Dhabi, from March 26 to 29.

Sethu Madhavan

Sethu Madhavan

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