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Monday, 15 August 2016 10:12

Rewarding Indian nephrology teachers at AVATAR 2016 Featured

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Avatar 2016 Tushar blogAVATAR 2016 is an event that exemplifies the renal vascular access armamentarium. It was held in New Delhi from July 23 to 24, 2016 and was the 5th annual event for the Association of Vascular Access & inTerventionAl Renal Physicians (AVATAR)

The inaugural ceremony paid a particular tribute to the stalwarts of Indian Nephrology for their contribution to educating and mentoring the next generation of aspiring nephrologists. Dr (Prof) KS Chugh received the “Bhishmpitamah” citation for being the "Father of Indian Nephrology" and the first Indian nephrologist to start kidney biopsy interventions seven decades ago. The “dronacharya” award was conferred to 22 senior teachers. 

One of its kind, the ceremony not only recognized nephrology teachers, but also reiterated the message that no training is complete without “gurudakshina”, an ancient Indian tradition of acknowledgement, respect and thanks to a teacher. This was a highly emotionally charged ceremony for teachers and their students.

This meeting was endorsed by ISN, the Vascular Society (VAS), the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN), the Vascular Access Society of the Americas (VASA), the Indian Society of Nephrology and Delhi Nephrology Society.

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