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ISN ANIO apprenticeships: hands-on training for India's renal pathologists

As a young pathologist working at Madras Medical Mission Hospital in Chennai and  through her ties with ISN ANIO Programs, Priyanka Koshy got the opportunity to gain further training at the University of Vanderbilt.

Dr Koshy at VanderbiltShe explains how Prof. Georgi Abraham, head of Madras Medical Mission’s Institute of Kidney, Urology and Organ Transplantation, gave her the encouragement and guidance to gain initial insight into nephropathology.

Dr. Koshy was therefore delighted when she was selected to train under Prof. Agnes Fogo at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in August and September 2016.

She gained valuable insight on how to systematically approach a renal biopsy using light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy.

“I was given daily study topics and also allowed to study archival cases. I participated in daily sign-outs of renal biopsies and took part in the nephrology and transplant conferences which were held at the university.”

She adds: “I have become more confident in interpreting renal biopsies, both native and allograft. I can now add more testing modalities to our daily reporting at Madras Medical Mission Hospital.”

In the long term, Dr Koshy hopes to conduct research in nephropathology and train young pathologists and nephrologists on the subject.

On recommending this program to other doctors, she believes that this apprenticeship program allows those involved to approaches the diagnostics and prognostics of renal diseases from a larger perspective.

Madras Medical Mission’s Institute of Kidney, Urology and Organ Transplantation has carried out 600 kidney transplants and processes renal biopsies from different parts of India. It is also an ISN and International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis Fellowship Training Center.

The ISN-ANIO Committee has opened the call to apply of its four programs. The deadline has now been extended to November 15, 2016. Send your application online.

CLICK HERE to apply for the different ISN ANIO programs.

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