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Tuesday, 08 November 2016 16:39

Sister centers in Nepal and UK brought together through ISN Fellowship Featured

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The Charak Memorial Hospital in Nepal is building further ties with the Royal London Hospital thanks to ISN Fellow Klara Paudel. The UK team will give clinical advice and provide training to set up a peritoneal dialysis (PD) program, among many more activities.

So far, joint academic work between the two centers has resulted in presentations at ISPD 2014 and several manuscripts are being submitted for peer review publication.

Klara Paudel patientsThe Royal London has a large number of Asian origin immigrants so treating Nepalese patients is familiar. They have extensive experience in managing PD patients. The dialysis center has the largest number of PD patients in UK and Europe.

Klara Paudel says: “We want to establish a more comprehensive education center with information leaflets, booklets, dietary education and dvd-video demonstrations.”

Klara Paudel teachingPaudel add: “We also like send doctors and nurses for training to help expand PD availability in Nepal. We also plan to expand community PD nursing and develop a telemonitoring system.”

As an ISN Fellow who has been dedicated to the ISN Programs, she hopes to establish a quality care kidney center in and around Pokhara, Nepal’s second largest city.

Hemodialysis was started there in 2005. After her fellowship, Dr Paudel became the first qualified nephrologist in the city. Before, patients were referred to Kathmandu, a six hours bus ride away.

Nepal nephrologistsShe adds: “The Royal London Hospital has already given us a very good start by providing fellowship and training for me, so now I can say that my patients are cared for at a European level of care.”

Paudel believes the collaboration is for the UK side. The centers were awarded an ISN Research Grant to conduct a community intervention study.

For more information about the ISN Programs, CLICK HERE.

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