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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 11:05

Sister Transplant Program Level C : Armenia - UK

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EC Institute:  Arabkir Medical Center 

EC Liaison officer: Ashot Sarkissian 

SC Institute: Guy's hospital 

SC Liaison Officer: Nizam Mamode 


Name of STC-TTC Pair: Armenia - UK 

Pair Level: C


Learning Objectives :

The Nephrology Unit of Arabkir Medical Centre is the national reference Centre for Nephrology and only the institution in Armenia where kidney transplantation is performed. Despite having experience of living donor kidney transplantation for over 20-years and big effort applied, we have not been successful in developing deceased donor transplantation program for many reasons. One of most important ones is the national economic situation and deficit of funds covering needs of renal patients. Therefore, new and effective methods of pre-transplant evaluation and further management of transplant patients are poorly known and not available. Beside the aforementioned economic and cultural difficulties, there is also a complete absence of knowledge in transplant coordination, diagnosis of brain death, organ allocation and procurement which have all contributed to difficulties in implementing a deceased donor transplant program



In the initial phase (2 years) of this collaboration, we propose to invite Prof Ashot Sarkissian to Guy’s Renal Transplant Unit in order to expose him to our program of deceased and living donation. As well as attending multi-disciplinary listing meetings, pre- & post-transplant clinical activities, and experiencing day to day management of the on call team with respect to the organ donor acceptance decision making, and recipient preparation, we will also ensure that he has access to all teaching sessions, and King’s College, London academic library access. In addition, by shadowing the specialist nurses of organ donation (SNODs) based at Guy’s & St Thomas’, he will gain exposure to all steps of deceased donor management, from the intensive care to the operating theatre. In conjunction, there are opportunities to work with our National Organ Retrieval (NORS) team based at King’s College Hospital, to learn optimal organ procurement methods. .



Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Status: In progress
  • Partners: ISN only
  • SRC Level: C
  • Region: NIS and Russia
  • Country: Armenia
  • Topics: Transplantation
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