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Thursday, 01 June 2017 13:13

ISN and the Japanese Society of Nephrology sign declaration of collaboration Featured

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ISN and the Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN) signed a declaration of collaboration at the 60th JSN Congress in Sendai, Japan. The two nephrology societies will collaborate to advance knowledge of kidney diseases through research, and to improve awareness, diagnosis and management to eliminate kidney diseases worldwide.

ISN and JSN will strive to:Screen Shot 2017 06 01 at 3.21.12 PM
• Raise public awareness of the importance of early recognition and treatment of kidney diseases.
• Promote screening to detect kidney diseases.
• Provide nephrology education and training worldwide.
• Reduce the frequency and impact of kidney diseases and their associated conditions.

ISN and JSN will work together to support:
• Innovation in excellent research to elucidate the mechanisms of kidney diseases.
• Evidence-based guidelines in the prevention, diagnosis and management of kidney diseases.
• Individualized patient care based on latest knowledge and current best practice guidelines.
• Universal access to affordable and ethical kidney care.


See the declaration HERE 

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David Harris

David Harris is ISN President and Professor of Medicine at The University of Sydney, Director of Nephrology and Dialysis in the Western Sydney Renal Service, and Director of the Renal Failure Laboratory in the Centre for Transplantation and Renal Research, Westmead Institute for Medical Research.

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