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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 14:06

ISN and Danone Nutricia: hydration and kidney health

We joined the Danone Nutricia Hydration congress in Évians-les-Bains, France, in support of our longest-standing corporate member. We have been working with Danone Nutricia since our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2010.

The collaboration also began in Évians-les-Bains when we established a link with the Danone Nutricia Hydration Research Center. Since then, we have worked together on building activities surrounding the ISN 0by25 initiative, World Kidney Day and the World Congress of Nephrology. The Hydration for Kidney Health initiative has been especially successful in providing more research grants for our community.

Let’s celebrate this collaboration and raise more awareness about hydration!

Richard Johnson at H4H2018

Richard Johnson (Denver, USA) discussing how climate change affects the development of chronic kidney disease of unknown origin.

Fabiana Nerbass reporting on H4KH grant

Fabiana Nerbass presenting for the first time the results of a pilot study determining the feasibility of a factory-based protocol to assess hydration and kidney health in factory workers. The project was supported by a ISN H4KH grant.

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