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Thursday, 13 December 2018 12:37

Meeting with local stakeholders in Jakarta for Indonesia project

ISN President David Harris and President-Elect Vivek Jha traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia in late November 2018 to officially launch a national initiative with the Indonesian Society of Nephrology (PERNEFRI) to improve access to integrated kidney care throughout Indonesia.

Pioneer winner IndonesiaDuring this two-day trip, David and Vivek first met with nephrologists from PERNEFRI to align on national nephrology needs and barriers, and how to best address these. Time was also taken for a very special Pioneer Award Ceremony to honour Wiguno Prodjosudjadi, the 2016 recipient for the Oceania and South East Asia Region.

ISN and PERNEFRI leaders then met with Dr. Bambang Wibowo (Director General of Health Services) and Dr. Tri Hesty Widyastoeti Marwotosoeko (Director of Development of Referral Health Efforts) from the Indonesian Ministry of Health to discuss prevention and treatment of kidney disease, with a special focus on end-stage kidney disease.

A recently-launched CAPD Pilot Project initiated by the Ministry in West Java was discussed, with all parties agreeing to tackle various barriers to its successful implementation, including distribution and reimbursement.

Several advocacy and capacity-building activities are planned in Indonesia for 2019, including a stakeholder meeting on bringing Equitable Access to Kidney Care in Indonesia. 

Team indonesia meeting

Top - Left to right:
Dr. Syafrizal Nasution (Medan) – Dr. Syaiful Azmi (Padang) – Dr. Dharmeizar (Jakarta) – Dr. Iri Kuswadi (Yogyakarta) – Dr. Rudiansyah (Kalimantan) – Dr. Ian Effendi (Palembang) – Dr. Tunggul Situmorang (Jakarta) – Dr. Lucky A. Bawazier (Jakarta) – Dr. Zulkhair Ali (Palembang) – Prof. Khaerani Rasyid (Makasar) – Prof. Ketut Suwitra (Bali) – Dr. Lestariningsih (Semarang) – Prof. Raka Widiana (Bali) – Dr. Ni Made Hustrini (Jakarta) – Dr. Ria Bandiara (West Java) – Dr. Pringgodigdo Nugroho (Jakarta) – Dr. Afiatin (West Java).

Bottom – Left to right:
Dr. Rubin Gondodiputro (West Java) – Dr. Pranawa (East Java) – Prof. Suhardjono (Jakarta) – Prof. David Harris (ISN) – Dr. Aida Lydia (Jakarta) – Prof. Wiguno Prodjosudjadi (Jakarta) – Prof. Vivekanand Jha (ISN) – Prof. Jose Roesma (Jakarta) – Prof. Bambang Purwanto (Solo).

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