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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 14:11

Investing in the future and reviewing the past

IMG_1931 There is really not enough space to describe all the history of kidney research and care in China. In Beijing alone, five short-term ISN visiting scholars and six ISN Fellows have contributed to kidney disease care and research in China.

I was honoured to join an ISN Continuing Medical Education course in Beijing, which focused on clinical trials methodology and clinical research initiatives. Most impressive was the attentiveness of the audience, the enthusiasm of the speakers and the context of this initiative.

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The symposium provided a forum for Chinese researchers, clinicians and students. Speakers from Australia, Canada , China and Hong Kong were welcomed with fantastic hospitality and respect. They engaged in scientific and cultural exchanges with the participants.

We reviewed important aspects of registry reporting, data base development,  research methods and clinical trials. Most importantly, we shared our passion for best clinical care and practice and discussed challenges we share across vast cultural and continental divides.

In reviewing the history of the Beijing enterprise, led by professor Haiyan Wang, we witnessed the true potential of the ISN Sister Renal Center and Fellowship Programs. Six ISN Fellows who trained in various locations worldwide have returned home to make a difference and five others have gone on short-term visiting professorships to return home and share their experiences.

Along with their colleagues, theses ISN Fellows have published about 260 papers since 1992 and received several ISN best poster/abstract awards. Thanks to its partnership with the Brigham and Women's' Hospital at Harvard University, this group of motivated individuals has really managed to establish a vibrant and cohesive group of clinicians and scientists who are shaping nephrology.

A first-time visitor to Beijing, I met energetic young scientists and gained a fantastic overview  of Chinese history. I walked the streets of Beijing with my student guides and discovered their world. This visit testified the great ISN member opportunities and reminded me how much can be accomplished with enthusiasm, dedication and hard work.

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