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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 08:07

ISN RDRTF responds to quake in Turkey

Only 10 days ago, I was listening to Ray Vanholder from Belgium, Chair of ISN's Disaster Relief Task Force, presenting at the BANTAO Congress in Greece about the work of the Task Force and the challenges of disaster nephrology and crush syndrome. And now, once again, the need is a reality as a major earthquake has struck Eastern Turkey.

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As always the Disaster Relief Task Force  has been involved very promptly; please read Ray's first report on the quake and its consequences.
Natural disasters do not respect our timetables, and this quake certainly chose an awkward time to strike - with most senior nephrologists away from their units, travelling back from the annual Turkish Society of Nephrology congress.
But fortunately thus far the situation seems not too severe and numbers with crush syndrome are few. Our Turkish friends and colleagues are managing, and of course they are well experienced in these matters because of  previous earthquakes, and we wish them energy and success.  They have also received a generous offer of support and help from their immediate neighbours in the Iranian Society of Nephrology.
The Task Force remains poised for more action but hopefully this will not be needed.

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