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ISN has noted a progressive decrease of interest in nephrology as a medical sub-specialty, reflected primarily in lower numbers of renal fellows around the world. Rising costs in establishing and running dialysis clinics and the 'loss' of nephrology procedures previously performed by nephrologists are among the reasons for disillusionment with the specialty.

Practical knowledge of many interventional radiological procedures (such as diagnostic renal ultrasonography, ultrasound guided kidney biopsies, placement of tunneled hemodialysis catheters or peritoneal catheters, sonographic and radiological investigation of vascular access dysfunction, etc.) remains outside the training regimen for most new nephrologists. The resulting fragmentation of responsibilities does not optimize medical care and is inconvenient for patients.

This has led many nephrologists to introduce a new paradigm in kidney patient management, often referred as 'Interventional Nephrology' (IN). Interventional nephrologists have proven their competence in mastering these procedures; their performance by nephrologists offers the clear benefit of avoiding unnecessary delays.

In 2004 ISN created an Interventional Nephrology Committee to address issues related to IN. It is expected that concerted efforts to promote IN will help to improve the overall quality of patient care in the long term.





The ISN Interventional Nephrology Committee seeks to provide the international nephrology community with topical information and the best educational tools for the professional and successful performance of all aspects of interventional nephrology. It aims to make aspects of interventional nephrology part of the overall ISN educational mission, with the hope that these actions will improve patient care and will make nephrology a more attractive sub-specialty for aspiring medical professionals.

Sessions on IN are being recommended for nephrology meetings such as WCN. The Committee is researching how best to endorse and support related conferences, with the possibility of bringing relevant educational events currently outside of the Society under the ISN umbrella.

Please check the Interventional Nephrology Channel on ISN Education to access our online resources 

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