Past World Congresses

Since its foundation in 1960, the International Society of Nephrology has strived to increase global networking and build partnerships with the international nephrology community, industry, pharmaceutical companies, and organizations with aligned missions to combat non-communicable diseases.

(25th International) 10th WCN (with APSN and ANZSN)
Melbourne, Australia
2019 (April 12-15)3,580 participants
(24th International) 9th WCN (with SLANH)
Mexico City
2017 (April 21-25)4,400 participants
(23rd International) 8th WCN (with AFRAN, SARS and RCSSA)
Cape Town, South Africa
2015 (March 13-17)4000 Participants
(22nd International) 7th WCN (with HKSN and APSN)
Hong Kong
2013 (May 31-June 4)6,000 participants
(21st International) 6th WCN (with CSN)
Vancouver, Canada
2011 (April 8-12)5,000 participants
(20th International) 5nd WCN (with ERA/EDTA)
Milan, Italy
2009 (May 22-26) > 10,000 participants
(19th International) 4th WCN (with SLANH and SBN)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2007 (April 21-25)6,200 participants
(18th International) 3rd WCN (with APSN and SSN)
2005 (June 26-30)4,000 participants
(17th International) 2nd WCN (with ERA/EDTA)
Berlin, Germany
2003 (June 8-12)8,600 participants
(16th International) 1st WCN (with ASN)
San Francisco, CA/USA
2001 (October 12-17)7,365 participants
15th International Congress
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1999 ( May 7-9)3,120 participants
14th International Congress
Sydney, Australia
1997 (May 25-29)4,500 participants
13th International Congress
Madrid, Spain
1995 (July 2-6)5,146 participants
12th International Congress
Jerusalem, Israel
1993 (June 13-18)3,120 participants
11th International Congress
Tokyo, Japan
1990 (July 15-20)3,500 participants
10th International Congress
London, UK
1987 (July 26-31)3,150 participants
9th International Congress
Los Angeles, CA/USA
1984 (June 11-16)2,780 participants
8th International Congress
Athens, Greece
1981 (June 7-12)3,000 participants
7th International Congress
Montreal, Canada
1978 (June 23-28)3,700 participants
6th International Congress
Florence, Italy
1975 (June 8-12)2,735 participants
5th International Congress
Mexico City, Mexico
1972 (October 8-13)2,650 participants
4th International Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
1969 (June 22-27)1,900 participants
3rd International Congress
Washington, DC/USA
1966 (Sept. 25-30)2,500 participants
2nd International Congress
Prague, Czech Republic
1963 (Sept. 26-30)900 participants
1st International Congress
Geneva & Evian, Switzerland
1960 (Sept. 1-4)400 participants