ISN Community Film Event

Your Story Makes a Difference: Share Your Kidney Care Story at the ISN Community Film Event

Storytelling is a powerful way to inform, educate, and can be a force for change!

The ISN Community Film Event is a unique initiative to raise awareness and improve understanding of the reality of living with kidney disease. This year’s edition received more than 30 films from 20 countries worldwide, proving, once again, the importance of this forum to share experiences and personal stories with a global audience.

2021 Competition: Seven films, one winner, you decide!

The ISN congratulates all the filmmakers for their high-quality submissions and thanks them for sharing their stories ,every film entered is available on the 2021 World Kidney Map. The Film Event Jury selected seven finalists to compete for the “2021 ISN Film Community Best Film” and the “WKD 2021 Best Film”. We hope you enjoy their choices.

The seven 2021 finalists are:

  1. The Mountain in His Blood
    Submitted by: J. Cledes (Fondation AUB SANTE, Nephrology – Dialysis, Saint-Gregoire, France), F. Hure (Fondation AUB Santé, Nephrology-Dialysis, Rennes, France)
  2. Aham Kushalini
    Submitted by: S. Thukral and D.S. Ray (RTIICS, Nephrology, Kolkata, India)
  3. A Successful Story of an Underpriviledged Female Haemodialysis Patient
    Submitted by: T.S. Kashem (Kidney Foundation Hospital and Research Institute, Nephrology, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  4. A Struggle for a Normal Life
    Submitted by: C. Vieira ( Hospital Ernesto Dornelles, Nephrology, Porto Alegre, Brazil), J.D. Pereira, M.A. Sivino  and C. Schlee (Hospital Ernesto Dornelles, Hospital Ernesto Dornelles, Porto Alegre, Brazil)
  5. Stop chronic kidney disease in rural areas
    Submitted by: O. John (The George Institute for Global Health, Research and Development, New Delhi, India)
  6. Mehwish – Challenging the Challenges (Story of a Dialysis Patient)
    Submitted by: B. Jamil (Tabba Kidney Institute- Karachi- Pakistan., Nephrology, Karachi, Pakistan)
  7. Life Beyond the Transplant
    Submitted by: R. Pecoits Filho (Arbor Research Collaborative for Health, DOOPS Program, Ann Arbor, United States), R. Pine (Santa Casa de Curitiba Hospital, Nefrology, Curitiba, Brazil)

Enjoy watching the films, and make sure to vote for your favorite story HERE!

Online voting will be open until Saturday, April 17, 2021.  The winner(s) will be announced on April 18, 2021, during the ISN Virtual World Congress of Nephrology.

Video World Kidney Day Barranquilla Take Care of Your Kidney,  Submitted by Gustavo Aroca, Colombia

The Mountain in His Blood, Submitted by Jacques Cledes, France

An Ordinary Day in Dialysis Center, Submitted by Vahideh Yavari, Iran

Living Well Whit Kidney Disease, Submitted by Cristina Carlino, Argentina

Hospital Is Not Only For Treatment, Submitted by Hamed Ezzat El-Eraky, Egypt

Aham Kushalini, Submitted by Sharmila Thukral, India

Embracing Life…Once Again – A Tanzanian Story, Submitted by Amar Swali, Tanzania

I’m Dialysis, Submitted by Eyram Makafui Y.Yamekoudi, Togo

New Project Kids, Submitted by Hamed Ezzat El-Eraky, Egypt

A Successful Story of an Underprivileged Female Haemodialysis Patient, Submitted by Tasnuva Sarah KASHEM, Bangladesh

Kidney Transplantation: New Life New Hope, Submitted by Farnaz Nobi, Bangladesh

Peritoneal Dialysis: Hope of Survival for a Patient with Complex Medical Conditions, Submitted by Nura Afza Salma Begun, Bangladesh

The Road So Far, Submitted by Htar Kyi Swe, Myanmar

Enjoying Life with Peritoneal Dialysis, Submitted by Marco Anaya Taboada, Colombia

A Struggle for a Normal Life, Submitted by Cinthia Vieira, Brazil

Empowerment of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, Submitted by Eloiza De  Oliveira Silva, Brazil

Avatar – Learn From Leaders, Submitted by Sanjiv Jasuja, India

World Kidney Day 2021 Film in Isfahan Kidney Diseases Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences About Living Well With Kidney Disease, Submitted by Mojgan Mortazavi, Iran

Heroes – A Message for Every Hemodialysis Health Worker, Submitted by Khanszarizennia Madany AGRI     Indonesia

Organ Donors Are Heroes, Submitted by Shubharthi Kar, Bangladesh

Stop Chronic Kidney Disease in Rural Areas, Submitted by Oommen John, India

Light the Dark Road, Submitted by Faissal  Shaheen, Saudi Arabia

Turning the Tide in India: Public Policy and Hemodialysis, Submitted by Suresh Sankarasubbaiyan, India

The Dream Come True, Submitted by Bharat Shah, India

Pure Altruism, Submitted by Elayaperumal Indhumathi , India

Mehwish – Challenging the Challenges (Story of a Dialysis Patient), Submitted by Bilal Jamil, Pakistan

Perspectives: Patient Engagement in Action, Submitted by Graham Pollock, Canada

Living Well With Kidney Disease, Submitted by Hamed Ezzat El-Eraky, Egypt

Hope and Resilience: From Diagnosis and Dialysis to Transplantation, Submitted by Paul Komenda, Canada

Life Beyond the Transplant, Submitted by Roberto Pecoits Filho, United States

Changing My World, Shaping My Future, Submitted by Racquel Lowe-Jones, Jamaica

Kidney Story of Fariba, Submitted by Samaneh Hashemi, Iran

Anne & Keith: A Home Haemodialysis Journey, Submitted by Kevan Polkinghorne, Australia

Vanessa’s Dance: A Story of Kidney Itch, Submitted by Mandi Watty-Miller, United Kingdom

  • Only ISN members and partner societies are eligible to submit films.
    Non-member submissions should be submitted via a member

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  • Films must be less than 2 years old.
  • Films should not exceed 7 minutes in length.
  • Films must be in 16:9 format, HD quality (1920 x 1080 resolution).

A jury will select 6 submissions for screening at the congress. Finalists will be virtually screened during WCN’21. The ISN community will vote for the winner.

Submission deadline: February 3, 2021 (23:59 CET).

By submitting a film, the author(s) agree(s) to a screening on the online voting platforms and at WCN’21 if it is one of the 6 films pre-selected by a jury.

This year, the ISN Community Film Event will run in collaboration with the 2021 WKD Campaign “Living Well with Kidney Disease”. The online voting for the best film will be launched on March 11, 2021, via the WKD platform. The most voted film of the day will receive special recognition, the “WKD 2021 Best Film”.  Online voting will then continue through March and April with a grand finale at Virtual WCN’21, where winners of the “WKD 2021 Best Film” and “2021 ISN Film Community Best Film” will be announced.

  • The “WKD 2021 Best Film” winner will receive complimentary registration for WCN’21 (refund of fees).
  • The “2021 ISN Film Community Best Film” winner will receive complimentary registration for WCN’21 (refund of fees) plus a Travel Grant (complimentary registration and contribution to travel and accommodation) to attend the World Congress of Nephrology 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Ilaria Pastorino (

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