Late-Breaking Abstracts

Late-breaking abstracts cover ground-breaking data that would not otherwise have been presented at WCN’22. If such data are available after the regular abstract deadline, the Scientific Program Working Group will still consider it for presentation.

Late-breaking abstracts describe the latest advances, trial data, and results that have not been previously published or presented and highlight novel and practice-changing studies.

The call for late-breaking abstracts is NOT an extension of the general submission deadline. The submission period is from April 15, 2021, to November 24, 2021.

Late-breaking abstract submitters are required to submit a ‘place holder’ abstract during the regular submission period (deadline September 22, 2021). For further information on updating your abstract, please see “Post-Submission” section below.

Preparing a late-breaking abstract submission:

Abstract Requirements:

  • Late-breaking abstracts should follow the standard ISN structure: Introduction, methods, results, and conclusion.
  • Late-breaking abstracts should highlight novel and practice-changing studies.

Submission Conditions:

  • Late-breaking abstracts will only be considered if a placeholder abstract is submitted during the regular abstract submission period (deadline September 22, 2021). To submit an abstract, please log in to your congress profile and go to “Late-breaking Clinical Trial Abstract(s).”
  • A non-refundable handling fee of 100 USD will be charged per abstract submitted in this category. This fee is not waived for applications from low-income countries. Abstract invoices will be available in the submitting author’s congress profile (section “My Congress Documents”) after payment.
  • Late-breaking abstracts will be considered for potential oral presentation in one of the sessions at WCN’22.
  • The call for late-breaking abstracts is NOT an extension of the submission deadline (September 22, 2021).

Post Submission:

  • Updating an abstract Please send a letter of intent to no later than November 24, 2021.
  • The abstract submission portal will temporarily re-open until November 24, 2021, for authors to make updates.