Pre-Congress Newsletter: February 2023

Welcome to the February edition of the WCN’23 pre-congress newsletter:
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Bringing Genomic Medicine to the Bedside - Spotlight on WCN'23 Plenary Speaker, Ali Gharavi
Ali Gharavi on Genome Sequencing for Better Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Diseases
The ISN asked WCN'23 plenary speaker and presenter of the Brenner/Dirks Lecture, Ali Gharavi (USA), about his research in genetics, the relevance of his work to nephrologists, and whether or not the benefits of genomic and molecular profiling outweigh the costs.
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WCN’23 Speakers: Video Interviews
Sessions on AKI: From Leptospirosis and Early Diagnosis in Tropical Regions to Management of Biomarkers 
#ISNWCN interview:
Gireesh Siddaiah (India) in conversation with speaker, Nattachai Srisawat (USA)
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Assessing Global Disparities in Organ Transplantation Access and Introductory Session with ISN Journal Editors
#ISNWCN interview:
Krithika Mohan (India) in conversation with speaker, Germaine Wong (Australia)
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WCN'23 Delegate Perspectives
Krithika Mohan on Women Empowering Women at the World Congress of Nephrology
WCN ’23 Social Media Team member Krithika Mohan (India) explains how the ISN sets a good example of women representation at its annual world congress.
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WCN’23 for the Data Enthusiast: Elliot Tannor on Why You Should Join the Pre-congress Session on Renal Registries
Elliot Tannor (Ghana), a member of the SharE-RR Subgroup, outlines what's in store at the SharE-RR session at WCN'23 and explains why improved global kidney care depends on reliable renal registries.
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Know Your Thai Etiquette: A Cultural Guide to Fitting in at WCN’23 in Bangkok
Sinee Disthabanchong (Thailand) takes congress delegates through the right (and wrong!) way to say hello in a land that has mastered the art of politeness and friendliness.
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Hot off the Press! Exciting New Features at WCN'23 From the ISN Events Team
We asked the ISN events director to tell us all about new additions to this year's congress and the best ways to mingle.
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Sharing, Socialising, and Quizzing - Krissia Wallbach-Massai on YNC Activities at WCN'23, and Why It's an Extra Special Edition
ISN Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC) member Krissia Wallbach-Massai (Brazil) presents a fantastic lineup of WCN’23 activities for the young and the young at heart.
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A Snapshot of the Burden of Kidney Disease and Care Status Worldwide: Look Out for the Launch of the 2023 ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas at WCN’23
Overall, 167 countries representing 97.4% of the world’s population responded to the ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas survey, helping provide a comprehensive understanding of global and regional capacity to provide care for people living with CKD and kidney failure.
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WCN'23 Program
Raising-the-Curtain Sessions
ISN Collective-Member and Regional Societies, and representatives of the ISN regions, will join and co-host a series of inspiring Raising-the-Curtain sessions from March 27-30, leading to the official opening of the WCN’23 on March 30, 2023.
Pre-congress Courses
The Pre-congress courses on Thursday, March 30 offer in-depth training on specific topics and encourage participation through case presentations, live demonstrations, and discussions.
The Professor Donal O’Donoghue, Global Kidney Policy Forum
The Professor Donal O’Donoghue, Global Kidney Policy Forum (GKPF) on Thursday, March 30 reviews the burden of kidney disease in the ISN Oceania and South East Asia (OSEA) region. The Forum shares strategies for prevention and improved disease management at both regional and global levels.
ISN Community Film Event
All submitted films will be added to the ISN Community Film Event Map, and six films pre-selected by a jury will be featured at the ISN Community Film Event Session held on Saturday, April 1.
During this interactive session, the winners of the “2023 ISN Community Best Film” and “WKD 2023 Best Film” will be announced and awarded.
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