Charles E. Alpers

Charles E. Alpers

ISN Roscoe R. Robinson Award

The Roscoe R. Robinson Award acknowledges outstanding achievements in the field of education in nephrology and medicine.

Professor Alpers has directed a large renal biopsy pathology service at the University of Washington for 30 years. His research focuses on models of diabetic nephropathy, mechanisms that mediate progressive glomerular injury in experimental models of glomerulonephritis, and translational studies in patients. His commitment to improving diagnostic renal pathology is reflected in his participation in the Kidney Precision Medicine Project.

Professor Alpers has been involved in several leadership roles, including interim chair of the Department of Pathology, director of the University of Washington Medicine Renal Pathology Service, founding director of the Renal Pathology Fellowship, and councilor and president of the Renal Pathology Society. He has served as associate editor of The American Journal of Pathology and JASN, and pathology editor of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Currently, he serves on several kidney journal editorial boards. He has co-organized and co-directed courses in renal pathology at several World Congress of Nephrology meetings and American Society of Nephrology annual meetings.

Professor Alpers comments, “Roscoe Robinson is considered one of the giants of modern nephrology and a strong proponent of efforts in nephrology education. I am indeed both humbled and honored to receive this prestigious ISN award that bears his name.”

Professor Alpers will receive his award in Plenary Session 3 on Saturday, March 31, 2023, from 10:30-11:30 Bangkok time, in Plenary Halls 2-3. He will then give the talk ‘The Goal Has Always Been Reversal of Glomerular Injury: We Are Getting Closer,’ in ISN Awards Session 2: Roscoe R. Robinson Award and Schrier Award on Saturday, April 1, 2023, 11:45-12:45, in MR 110 ABC.