Keiichi Kaneko

Keiichi Kaneko

ISN-KI Early Career Researcher: Basic Science

The ISN-KI Early-career Researcher Award recognizes outstanding research in basic and clinical science published in Kidney International (KI) in 2022.

Dr. Keiichi Kaneko was named one of the ISN-KI Early Career Researchers for Basic Science for his paper, Lineage tracing analysis defines erythropoietin-producing cells as a distinct subpopulation of resident fibroblasts with unique behaviors.

Dr. Kaneko is an assistant professor at the Department of Nephrology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan, and also currently works as a nephrologist. After graduation, he completed a residency in nephrology. He was then admitted to graduate school and began his research under the supervision of Prof. Motoko Yanagita. His research focuses on the pathophysiology of renal erythropoietin-producing cells and renal anemia.

Dr. Kaneko is very motivated by the recent advances in the field of renal anemia and the significant progress made both in basic research on the erythropoietin-producing cells and in clinical studies with HIF-PHD inhibitors. He is also interested in kidney injury caused by immune checkpoint inhibitors. He earned the Presentation Award of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nephrology in 2017. His goal is to improve the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease through research.

The ISN-KI Early Career Researchers will be acknowledged in the Editors’ Pick of ISN Journals: KI and KIR session taking place Saturday, April 1, 2023, 08:30-10:00 Bangkok time, in MR 110 ABC.