WCN organizers will provide a safe and welcoming environment where participants can share information and ideas in a professional, positive and friendly way.

All attendees, including speakers, sponsors, vendors, partners and staff are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct on the Virtual WCN’21 congress platforms and conference-related social media:

  • Be considerate, respectful, collaborative and inclusive,
  • Participate in an authentic and active manner (please remember to update your profile),
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, prejudicial, or harassing behavior and speech,
  • Do not use inappropriate language and images,
  • Do not engage in harm or threats of any kind,
  • Do not inappropriately disrupt presentations, talks and the virtual congress in general,
  • Do not make audio or visual recordings of slides, Q&A, oral or poster presentations, forums/chats without presenter/author’s permission.

Attendees can report inappropriate behavior to the congress organizers at Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

The cornerstone of WCN remains the exchange with delegates worldwide. During the virtual congress, the following basic information will be made visible to all WCN participants to facilitate your participation and interactions with other participants: Name, Surname, and Country.

To facilitate the virtual congress experience for all participants, we highly recommend participants to fully complete their profile on the registration platform via the “Update my Profile” button. This can be done at any time before or during the congress.

Delegates (including industry delegates) may be able to view who is visiting the industry showcase in real-time. They will only be able to view the information made public in the profile.

Participants may opt-in to allow ISN to share their full registration details with companies of booths they visit in the Industry Showcase or with companies organizing an industry symposia they have viewed. These will include First Name, Surname, Email Address, Affiliation and Gender. Industry may use these details to contact the delegate. Industry will not be allowed to use the details in your public congress profile to contact you outside of WCN without your approval.

To make the best possible recording of your presentation, please watch our suggested tips and tricks in this short video.

WCN Speakers and poster presenters may request that no audio or visual recording (even with no publication purpose) are taken of their presentations or posters, particularly in the case of unpublished data. Such presentations (or slides) and posters will clearly labelled with “NO COPY/ NO POST”

Promoting inclusiveness and for your convenience, all recorded presentations will have English subtitles included, made possible by AstraZeneca and Janssen.