Day 2

Day 2 – June 24, 2022 | Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Session 4:

What Have We Learnt from Animal Models?

08:30 Modeling aHUS in Genetic Mouse Models Wenchao Song United States
08:50 Role of Complement in the Pathophysiology of STEC-HUS: Evidence from a Mouse Model Carlamaria Zoja Italy
09:20  Q&A Discussion

Session 5:

Advances in Pathophysiology

09:40 Genetic Basis of aHUS David Kavanagh United Kingdom
10:00 Common Genetic Susceptibility Factors in aHUS Elena Goicoechea de Jorges Spain
10:20 Anti-FH Antibodies Associated HUS Arvind Bagga India
10:40 aHUS: Why the Kidney? Lubka Roumenina France
11:00 Q&A Discussion
Coffee Break 11:20 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Session 6:

Clinical- Unanswered Questions

11:40 Primary and Secondary aHUS. Still Worth Discussing? Giovanni Montini Italy
12:00 Postpartum Renal Cortical Necrosis and aHUS Raja Ramachandran India
12:20 Monitoring Complement Dysregulation in aHUS Miriam Galbusera Italy
12:40 Q&A Discussion
Lunch Break 13:10 Lunch and Poster Viewing

Session 7:

When and How to Inhibit C5 in Complement-mediated Rare Nephropathies

14:00 Eculizumab in Primary and Secondary aHUS: Who, When, and How Long? Sjoerd Timmermans The Netherlands
14:20 Eculizumab in Primary and Secondary aHUS: Who, When, and How Long? Giuseppe Remuzzi Italy
14:40 Impact of C5 Blockade on Post-transplant Outcomes and Renal Epidemiology of aHUS Christophe Legendre France
15:00 Oral Presentation from Abstract Selection
Atypical Renal Recovery From Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
Bianca Covella Italy
15:10 Q&A Discussion
Coffee Break 15:30 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Session 8:

When and How to Inhibit C3 in Complement-mediated Rare Nephropathies

16:00 Manipulating the Early Steps of Complement Cascade: Emerging Drugs, Potential Risks, and Benefits Joshua Thurman United States
16:20 Lessons from Studies in Mouse Models of C3G Ariela Benigni Italy
16:40 Targeting C3, CFD, or CFB in C3G, Preliminary Results of Clinical Trials in Patients with C3G/IC-MPGN Erica Daina Italy
17:00 Oral presentation from abstract selection
BCX9930, An Oral Factor D Inhibitor, Suppresses Complement Alternative Pathway Activity In Patients With Complement 3 Glomerulopathy
Xilin Chen USA
17:10 Q&A Discussion
Keynote Lecture 17:30 HUS in 2022 Fadi Fakhouri Switzerland