Social Media

WCN 2021 Social Media team

The WCN Social Media Team is a group of health professionals ensuring social media coverage of the Congress through:

  • Live tweeting of scientific sessions
  • Visual abstracts
  • Live visual abstracts
  • Daily quizzes
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Video summaries, and more.

About the WCN Social Media team

Following the success of WCN 2017, the ISN developed a more ambitious strategy to cover the 2019 World Congress of Nephrology in Melbourne, building a hugely successful social media campaign generating 25M impressions, 17,500 tweets by 1,943 users, and creating innovative online educational materials such as daily quizzes, live visual abstracts, interviews, and poster talks.

The World Congress of Nephrology Social Media Team is made up of volunteers selected from current members of the @ISNeducation team and interested applicants. Please note that this position is unpaid.