Networking (almost) like before

The cornerstone of Virtual WCN’21 remains the opportunity to exchange with delegates worldwide; seeing old friends and making new connections are both equally important, especially today. Various opportunities to connect are offered during the congress.

First, we highly recommend you complete your profile on the registration platform via the “Update my Profile” button. This can be done at any time before the start of congress. Having a completed profile makes it easier for your colleagues and friends to find you, or to connect with those with shared interests. Please be kind and respect our code of conduct at all times.

Delegate networking

While logged into the congress platform, search the delegate directory and connect with other delegates whenever you want. Directly through the platform, you can send messages and take part in video calls or random topical conversation. If you do not want to be contacted, do not worry, you can opt out at any time.

Scheduled Topical Networking and Events

Throughout the congress, special topical networking events will be scheduled, mostly during break-times. Before, in-between or after sessions, you are invited to join us on our special networking platform powered by SpatialChat. This platform allows you to easily join networking rooms that resemble the in-person experience. A very simple log-in process allows you to join the congress space. Move between networking rooms or, once inside a room, move freely between groups of people to quickly change dialogue context, listen or simply hang out while you wait for the next scheduled activity to start.

Women in nephrology (WIN) will be hosting two networking sessions at the WCN’21.

These sessions will enable members of the ISN community to join together and discuss issues focused on career development. WIN has a long history of mentoring, coaching and sponsoring nephrologists in various stages in their career and through a wide area of expertise. This year, WIN will be hosting this virtual networking room with specific aims / themes such as building a mentoring village, creating your priority plan and work life-integration.

The full schedule of the Topical Networking Events is available here.

Delegate Social Media Wall

The virtual Social Media Wall will display all social media posts that include the World Congress of Nephrology’s official hashtag #ISNWCN.

The Walls platform is an easy-to-use social media tool that collects and displays content from multiple social media platforms. All #ISNWCN WCN’21 social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms, will be broadcast on one easy-to-access channel so you can catch all the latest conversation on the congress. By using the congress hashtag #ISNWCN in your social media posts, these will be displayed on the delegate social media wall.

It’s already live here  – check it out and start posting, we’d love to see and hear from you.