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In this Cookie Statement the following terms are defined as follows:

  1. The ISN: The International Society of Nephrology (the ISN) is registered in the state of New Jersey (USA) as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, with EIN number 59-1776707 and with its center of operations located at its registered offices at Avenue des ARTS 1, B-1210 Brussels.
  2. Website: the website of The ISN, [Company Fax], and derivative websites and subdomains developed and administered by The ISN (including without limitation:;

1. Cookies

The ISN strives to provide you with clear information about how cookies are used on the website and when they are stored on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) in order to make your visit to the website more pleasant and to better meet your needs and adjust your visit to your preferences.

Cookies are small data or text files that are placed and then stored on a computer or mobile device when visiting a website. Cookies help The ISN to optimize a visit to the website by performing a number of useful tasks, such as improving the security of the website and the overall user experience. For instance, the website can remember the pages you visited and your preferences (such as your fields of interests) so you are not required to fill these in each time you visit the website. Other cookies allow an analysis of certain information, such as the number of visits to a website. Some other cookies are used for marketing purposes.

Session cookies are cookies whose lifespan is limited to the duration of the session, which is until the browser is closed and the connection to the website is broken. In addition, there are also permanent cookies that persist even after the browser is closed.

First party cookies are placed by the proprietor of the domain of a website, in this case The ISN through the website. Third party cookies are set by others than the proprietor of the domain of a website. The ISN therefore has no access to or control over these cookies or other means of data collection. Please review the respective privacy statements of these third party cookie providers.

The following first party cookies can be placed by The ISN:

Name Lifespan Purpose






2 years

10 minutes

2 years

30 minutes



These Google Analytics cookies are placed to collect statistical information about website usage.

More information:

pardot 2 years The visitor cookie is composed of a unique visitor ID and the unique identifier for your account. For example, the cookie name “visitor_id12345” stores the visitor value “1010101010”, and “12345” is the account identifier. This cookie is set for visitors by the Pardot tracking code.

ISN tracks opt-in preferences, the pi_opt_in cookie is set with a true or false value when the visitor opts in or out of tracking.

A session cookie named “pardot” is set when you’re logged in as a Pardot user. This cookie isn’t set on a visitor’s browser.

PHPSESSID Session Tracks your browsing session.


Following third party cookies can be placed:

Name Lifespan Purpose










1 month

10 years

10 years

10 years

10 years

10 years

8 months

6 months

3 months

Third Party cookies placed by YouTube, LLC when you watch a YouTube video via the website.

More information:

To make optimal use of the website, it is advisable that you enable and/or accept cookies on your computer or mobile device. When cookies are disabled, The ISN is unable to guarantee a trouble-free visit to the website. There is a risk that the visit will be interrupted or delayed and that you will not have access to certain parts of the website or will not be able to make (optimal) use of the website.

Nevertheless, you are free to remove or block cookies via your browser settings and/or a priori through the cookie banner. Although most browsers are set to accept cookies by default, you can remove cookies that have already been placed and change your browser settings to restrict the placement of new cookies or block cookies. The manner in which browser settings can be adjusted varies per browser. You can find additional information about the browser settings at or in the “Help” menu of your internet browser.

If you delete or block cookies, this means that you will need to reset your preferences on every visit and that some parts of the website will not function (properly).

2. Privacy

For more information regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

3. Changes

The ISN reserves the right to continually update this Cookie Statement.

This Cookie Statement was last updated: May 3, 2018.

4. Miscellaneous

If any of the provisions of this Cookie Statement would be wholly or partially annulled by a binding decision, this shall have no effect whatsoever on the other provisions of this Cookie Statement. The ISN is entitled to modify or replace such a provision by another provision which, within legal limits, will have the same effect.

The failure of The ISN to demand strict compliance with the provisions of this Cookie Statement shall not be construed as a waiver or rejection thereof.

5. Applicable law

By visiting the Website and thus expressly accepting this Cookie Statement and the conditions herein, you agree that any dispute or claim relating to this Cookie Statement and the use of cookies shall be governed by Belgian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels (Belgium).

6. Contact

If you have any questions or comments regarding the use of cookies after reading this Cookie Statement, please get in touch with the contact person at the address Avenue des Arts 1-2 1210 Brussels, Belgium or you can contact The ISN via email at