Continuing Medical Education

ISN Continuing Medical Education

Through the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program, ISN supports faculty to present talks and workshops at regional nephrology-related meetings, bringing expert speakers together from around the world to share knowledge and experience in clinical care and research.

Read the guidelines carefully. If you fit all the criteria, download the application form and send, along with the program outline, to

Applications are open year-round to ISN members from lower, lower-middle, and upper-middle income countries according to World Bank classification, but must be submitted between 3-6 months before the planned event.

Applications are reviewed by the ISN staff and the ISN CME Committee.

ISN CME will not provide support for industry employees or industry planned programs.

ISN works hand-in-hand with several partner organizations, encouraging intra-regional collaborations and enhancing training and education possibilities in selected fields of nephrology.

Continuing Medical Education Supporters


If you would like to support the CME program, please contact us via the contact section below.

For all inquiries on the Continuing Medical Education Program, please contact the CME Coordinator at

The CME Program is supported by the ISN CME Committee.

What happens IN THE Continuing Medical Education program?