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Enhancing Pediatric Kidney Health in India: The ISN Supports Speakers at Specialized Paediatric Nephrology Meeting

In March, the ISN supported speakers through its Continuing Medical Education Program to attend the “Paediatric Nephro Urocon 2024 – Season 3” meeting in Chennai, India.

Seventy delegates participated on the first day of the program, with 125 attending on the second day. The conference brought together a diverse group of professionals, including dialysis technologists, pediatricians, pediatric nephrologists, pediatric urologists, and nephrologists, fostering a holistic approach to treating children with kidney diseases.

Interactive sessions at the conference

The two-day meeting comprised lectures on acute kidney injury and chronic kidney diseases in children and the kidney replacement therapies available, emphasizing preventive care and early detection of kidney conditions.

Dr. Sultana (far left) with faculty at the conference

In smaller groups, case-based interactive sessions focused on hemodialysis, sustained low-efficiency dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), and dialysis troubleshooting. In addition, a pediatric urolithiasis workshop was held.

Smaller groups discuss dialysis modalities

The ISN supported Professor Rajiv Sinha (India) and Dr. Azmeri Sultana (Bangladesh) to attend the meeting. Professor Sinha presented on lupus nephritis, and Dr. Sultana on steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome and CRRT.

The speakers met with the dean of the medical college and heads of pediatric departments. According to meeting organizer Dr. Sangeetha Geminiganesan, these gatherings gave rise to valuable discussions on potential future initiatives, such as the possibility of setting up a collaborative Indian registry on systemic lupus erythematosus.

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