ISN-Named Fellows

The ISN is Pleased to Present its Four New Named Fellows  

The ISN Executive Committee and Council have approved four “ISN-Named Fellows.”   

These ISN members – early-career nephrologists – have contributed significantly to various outputs of ISN’s research activities. 

ISN GKHA Fellow – Isabelle Ethier
Dr. Isabelle Ethier from Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (Canada) has been awarded the title of ISN GKHA Fellow for the lead role she played in drafting the ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas (GKHA) article on the availability, accessibility, quality, and affordability of kidney care in Oceania and South East Asia. 
Access the Global Kidney Health Atlas.

ISN i3C Fellow – Pablo Garcia
Dr. Pablo Garcia from Stanford University School of Medicine (United States) has been awarded the title of ISN i3C Fellow for his contribution to preparing the ISN Observatory of CKDu on the ISN website. 
Access the ISN Observatory of CKDu.

ISN-ACT Fellow – Alexandra Gallagher
Dr. Alexandra Gallagher from St George Hospital (Australia) has been awarded the title of ISN-ACT Fellow for her contribution to the ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus as contributor and lead editor.

ISN RWG Fellow –  Yosuke Hirakawa
Dr. Yosuke Hirakawa from the University of Tokyo Hospital (Japan) has been awarded the title of ISN RWG Fellow for his lead role in the ISN RWG “Breakthrough Discoveries” project to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ISN. 
Access the “Breakthrough Discoveries” narratives. 


ISN-Named Fellow TypePeriodNameCountry
iNET-CKD Fellow2013-2016Aisha NaladoJapan
ISN GKHA Fellow2016-2020Alexandra GallagherNigeria
ISN GKHA Fellow2016-2020Aminu SakajikiAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2016-2020Andrea ViecelliSingapore
ISN GKHA Fellow2016-2020Brendan SmythCanada
ISN GKHA Fellow2016-2020Brendon NeuenCanada
ISN GKHA Fellow2016-2020Di XieCanada
iNET-CKD Fellow2017-2018Emily SeeUSA/Brazil
iNET-CKD Fellow2017-2018Emily YeungUSA/Japan
ISN-ACT Fellow2017-2019Htay HtayAustralia
ISN-ACT Fellow2017-2019Isabelle EthierUnited Kingdom
ISN-ACT Fellow2018-2019Kwaifa Salihu IbrahimChina
ISN-ACT Fellow2018-2019Marina WainsteinAustralia
iNET-CKD Fellow2018-2019Meaghan LunneyFrance
ISN-ACT Fellow2018-2019Mohamed OsmanUnited Kingdom
ISN GKHA Fellow2018-2020Moussa HassaneAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2018-2020Naohiko FujiiAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2018-2020Nasir ShahNigeria
ISN GKHA Fellow2018-2020Natalia Alencar De PinhoAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2018-2020Pablo GarciaNigeria
ISN GKHA Fellow2018-2020Paula OrlandiAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2019Racquel Lowe-JonesNigeria
ISN GKHA Fellow2019Ragada El-DamanawiAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2019Rowena LaljiAustralia
ISN GKHA Fellow2019Syed SaadNiger
ISN GKHA Fellow2019Takahiro ImaizumiNigeria
ISN-ACT Fellow2019-2022Timothy OlanrewanjuAustralia
ISN RWG Fellow2020Udeme EkrikpoJapan
ISN GKHA Fellow2020-2022Yeoung Jee ChoCanada
ISN i3C Fellow2020-2022Yosuke HirakawaUSA