ISN-SharE-RR Toolkit

The SharE-RR Toolkit provides invaluable insights and strategies for establishing and maintaining renal registries across various economic landscapes, from high-income to low-income countries.


Dialysis Toolkit

The ISN Dialysis Toolkit, launched in response to the increasing demand for kidney failure treatment in low-resource settings, is a comprehensive resource aligned with the ISN framework endorsed by the WHO in 2021.

CKD Early Identification & Intervention Toolkit

This toolkit contains a series of tools for CKD early identification and intervention aimed at kidney health professionals, primary care physicians and nurses working in primary care settings.

Optimization of RAASi Therapy Toolkit

The toolkit, which is part of a wider joint cardiology-nephrology initiative, consists of focused and practical infographics on the optimization of RAASi therapy and management of related complications.


Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Toolkit

This toolkit provides key information on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) prevention, detection, and management. Aligning with the ISN 0by25 initiative, it supports the development of workflows for diverse clinical settings, including low-resource environments.

Complement-Mediated Kidney Diseases Toolkit

This toolkit contains educational and implementation tools to support clinicians in building their understanding of complement-mediated kidney diseases (CMKDs), and in their clinical practice.

ISN-ACT Clinical Trials Toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at nephrologists and researchers in nephrology from all parts of the globe – regardless of their level of clinical trial experience and their local resources. It aims to provide a guidance for anyone wishing to start a clinical trial or to participate as a trial site.

ISN Research Skills Toolkit

This toolkit is a comprehensive compilation of research resources, developed by the ISN. It is a joint initiative of the ISN Academy, the Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC) and the Clinical Research Program Committee (CRP), to support younger generations of nephrologists (and anyone else interested) to contribute to advancing kidney health worldwide.