The 0by25 Initiative

AKI is largely preventable and treatable if symptoms are identified early and the appropriate treatment is given.

In 2013, the ISN launched the 0by25 Initiative which aims to eliminate preventable deaths from AKI worldwide by 2025.

The 0by25 Initiative calls for global strategies to diagnose and treat AKI in patients with potentially reversible diseases, especially from within disadvantaged populations with poor access to care.

0by25 Key Strategies to eliminate preventable deaths from AKI


The 0by25 Initiative gathers data to demonstrate the global burden of AKI, especially in low and middle-income countries. This data is used to better understand AKI’s prevalence and to improve diagnostic and treatment methods.

Awareness and Education

The 0by25 Initiative increases awareness of AKI within the healthcare community through training and education aimed at medical professionals, patients, and health ministers.


The 0by25 Initiative carries out pilot projects in field locations around the world to identify global strategies for the early treatment and diagnosis of AKI.