The 0by25 Initiative gathers data to demonstrate the global burden of AKI, especially in low and middle-income countries. This data is used to better understand AKI’s prevalence and to improve diagnostic and treatment methods.

Discover publications and reports below presenting and analyzing data from across the 0by25 Initiative


Recognition and management of community-acquired acute kidney injury in low-resource settings in the ISN 0by25 trial: A multi-country feasibility study

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International Society of Nephrology 0by25 Project: Lessons Learned

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Recognition and management of acute kidney injury in children: The ISN 0by25 Global Snapshot study

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Recognition and management of acute kidney injury in the International Society of Nephrology 0by25 Global Snapshot: a multinational cross-sectional study

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The ISN 0by25 Global Snapshot Study

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Acute Kidney Injury in Poor Countries Should No Longer Be a Death Sentence: The ISN ‘0by25’ Project

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