Fellow of the ISN

Fellow of the International Society of Nephrology (FISN) is a status the ISN grants to ISN members who have demonstrated outstanding professional accomplishments in research, service, teaching, or through their other contribution to the specialty of nephrology.

The FISN designation indicates professional excellence to peers and patients and provides:

  • The right to use the FISN designation
  • A FISN certificate
  • Recognition on the ISN website and during the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN)
  • WCN early-bird rate guaranteed throughout the whole registration period
  • Exclusive access to the FISN channel on the upcoming online member community

You are eligible for FISN status if you are an established professional in kidney care with at least five years’ experience and your efforts have made a notable impact in at least two of the four eligibility categories: research, service, teaching, or other contribution to the specialty of nephrology. The ISN will grant FISN status only to those holding ISN membership for at least five out of the last seven years.

FISN Eligibility Categories

Candidates for FISN status should be established professionals (at least five years of professional experience in nephrology or related fields). They should hold ISN membership for at least five out of the last seven years.

There are four FISN eligibility categories that applicants may use to establish their proficiency:

  • Research
  • Service
  • Teaching
  • Other contribution to specialty field

Proficiency must be established in at least two of the four categories through a brief description alongside supporting documents.

  1. Research: As demonstrated by grant support (up to two national/international level grants in the last five years) and/or publications (a total of four in the previous five years; peer-reviewed publication; oral/poster presentation at national, regional, or international level).
  2. Service: As demonstrated by five years of continuous clinical practice and evidence of establishing, or administration in, hospital departments/programs, or dialysis centers, or registries, or best practices in organ donation.
  3. Teaching: As demonstrated by at least five years of teaching to healthcare trainees or healthcare professionals, including online education, at the time of application and evidence of mentoring and/or acting as thesis advisor.
  4. Other contribution to specialty: Other contribution to specialty: As demonstrated by five years of experience in any of the following: advocacy, public awareness, policy implementation, leadership in professional organizations, knowledge-sharing, or helping to implement evidence-based practice.


  • The website will be open to applications from ISN members wishing to be considered for FISN status each year from early October to November 30
  • Submit your application online here
  • All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by the end of December.


  • Completed online application
  • Description of activities in at least two out of four eligibility categories with supporting documents
  • Two signatures from active ISN members in support of the application
  • Current CV
  • payment of the one time application fee

Maintenance of FISN Status

  • ISN membership must be active
  • The FISN must remain active and proficient in their identified categories

For questions, please get in touch with us info@theisn.org.

Fees per category

High-income countries$150


Upper-middle income countries$75


Lower-middle income countries$50


Low-income countries$25


* one-time payment per application

World Bank Income Classification