ISN Collective-Member Societies

ISN Collective-Member Societies are tailor-made partnerships that benefit individual members as well as the Collective Society. By partnering with the ISN in this way, the Collective-Member Society increases its membership and presence within the ISN and globally.

The ISN represents the interests of the global kidney community and looks forward to working alongside current and new Collective-Member Societies.

Benefits for Individual Members

Individual ISN Members of the Collective-Member Society receive the same benefits as Full Individual ISN Members including:

  • Access to ISN Journals (Kidney International, Kidney International Reports, Kidney International Supplements) online; and print editions for a supplement.
  • Access to online e-learning at the ISN Academy.
  • Eligibility to apply for ISN Grant Programs.
  • Reduced rates to attend ISN Events.
  • Voting rights in ISN elections and the possibility of holding office.

Benefits for the Society

  • Collective-Member Societies are eligible to have a representative on an ISN Regional Board.
  • Priority consideration when requesting to organize joint events with the ISN, such as with the World Congress of Nephrology and Frontiers Meetings.
  • Free ISN endorsement of local courses and events organized by the Collective-Member Society (application required).
  • Complimentary participation in the Global Kidney Village at WCN.
  • Visibility on the ISN website.
  • Congress, course, and event promotion on the ISN website.

ISN Collective-Member Societies