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February 16, 2023
ISN Response to the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
The ISN is intensely saddened by the updates on the catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria …



Teach, share, and learn: cutting-edge education from around the world delivered to your home.

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Contribute to or access education, training grants and partnerships to improve kidney care worldwide.

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Bridge the gaps of available care; ensure equitable access to kidney care worldwide.

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Join efforts to facilitate international research collaborations in an increasingly globalized world.

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Access science and education, build partnerships, and increase your global network.

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UPcoming Events

Join the ISN Wold Congress of Nephrology, Marc 30-April 2, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

WCN’23 will be hosted by the Nephrology Society of Thailand (NST) and the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN).

Combining science, education, and networking opportunities in one outstanding annual event: the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN). This not-to-be-missed yearly event allows you to contribute to scientific debate, share your knowledge, and develop informal networks to advance global kidney health, beginning with the expertise you take home to your region.

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