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Monday, 10 February 2020 11:19

ISN Attends WHO Executive Board Meeting

ISN was invited and pleased to attend the 146th Session of the Executive Board (EB) of the World Health Organization (WHO) from February 3-8, 2020.

This year the EB Meeting addressed topics extremely relevant to kidney patients, such as the advancement of primary care and the implementation of the recent Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

In this context, ISN called on the WHO and Member States to recognize the immense burden of kidney disease worldwide and asked for urgent measures to ensure that kidney health is fully integrated in national NCD plans.

Concerning the EB meeting, Charu Malik, ISN Executive Director, commented: “ISN is proud to represent the kidney health community. We call for an integrated approach to kidney care that is people-centered and leaves no one behind. Action is needed now for the 850 million people affected by kidney disease globally!

Read the oral statements ISN made at the EB meeting here:

Statement on Item 146.6

Statement on Item 146.5

Statement on Item 146.22.3

Statement on item 146.7.2

Since 1985, the ISN Fellowship Program has supported over 800 fellows from 90 emerging countries. The program encourages professional fulfillment and supports equitable healthcare by establishing Fellows as valuable leaders in their home region qualified to share knowledge and experience.

Many past ISN Fellows make use of other ISN Programs and become involved in ISN committees or supporting groups. To highlight the potential for personal growth and professional influence that the Fellowship Program provides to all Fellows, ISN presents here a sample of past Fellows with notable active participation in and commitment to ISN activities.

An ISN member since 2012, Abduzhappar Gaipov, from Kazakhstan, became an ISN Investigator in 2014 getting involved in the AKI Global Snapshot study. He completed an online certified course on Renal Pathology (ISN-ANIO CNC Program) in 2016 at which time he joined the Young Nephrologists Committee.

Dr. Gaipov was awarded a Fellowship in 2017, training in clinical and epidemiological research methodology under mentorship from Prof. Csaba P. Kovesdy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in the USA.

In 2017, he organized the CME meeting: “1st National Congress of Kazakhstan Society of Nephrologists, Dialysis and Transplant” in Aktau, Kazakhstan and joined the ISN-ACT (Advancing Clinical Trials) initiative.

He now serves on the CME Committee and is a member of the ISN Council, as Deputy Chair of the ISN NIS & Russia Regional Board.

Anthony Russell Villanueva, far right.

Anthony Russell Villanueva, from the Philippines, was awarded a Fellowship in 2012 and received clinical training in general nephrology and research in renal medicine at the University of Michigan in the USA under Dr. Panduranga Rao at the University of Michigan in the USA from 2013-2014.

In 2018, Dr. Villanueva became a key participant in the ISN Sister Renal Centers (SRC) partnership co-sponsored by ISN and the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology. He took on the role of Liaison Officer for the Emerging Center at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City in the Philippines who were supported through the program by Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore.

In 2019, he began serving on the ISN Oceania and South-East Asia Regional Board; and in the ISN Renal Disaster Preparedness Working Group, which was set up to provide expertise and assistance in renal-related matters in emergency situations.

Facilitated by his involvement with the ISN, Dr. Villaneuva took over as training officer at one of the largest Nephrology Training Programs in the Philippines and helped set up a Glomerulonephrotis Clinic. Currently an assistant program manager of the Renal Disease Control Program (REDCOP), he is able to promote preventative nephrology to local government units.

Fatiu Abiola Arogundade, from Nigeria, Africa, became an ISN member in 1999. In 2001, he undertook a Fellowship at the Cairo Kidney Center in Egypt, training for one year.

He has been a member of various ISN Committees over the years, including the Sister Renal Centre Committee and the Committee on Kidney Health in Disadvantaged Populations.

Dr. Abiola coordinated the SRC relationship between Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex (OAUTHC), Ile-Ife, and the Division of Nephrology at the University of Virginia which graduated from Category A in 2018. He was Home Mentor to four ISN Fellows between 2012-2019 and an EAP program organizer in 2013. He has frequently been an abstract reviewer at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) having published 84 papers in peer-reviewed national and international journals himself.

Fatiu Abiola is currently a member of the Educational Ambassadors Committee.

Rolando Claure-Del Granado, from the University of San Simón in Cochabamba, Bolivia, was awarded an ISN Fellowship in 2009 to undertake a one-year research Fellowship under mentorship from Dr. Ravindra L. Mehta in the Division of Nephrology at the University of San Diego, USA. The goal was to obtain further exposure to clinical research in acute renal failure and continuous renal replacement therapies. His training combined practical experience in a clinical research project with a core curriculum in clinical research methodology.

In 2015, Dr. Claure-Del Granado organized a CME meeting, ‘YNC 0by25 Workshop’ on AKI, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, in collaboration with the Bolivian Society of Nephrology. In 2019, he arranged the 12th International Bolivian Congress of Nephrology. This meeting provided a comprehensive review of advances in clinical care and research in AKI, CKD, and Kidney Transplant and featured three workshops including a hands-on workshop on Hemodiafiltration.

Dr. Claure-Del Granado was chair of the Young Nephrologists Committee from 2016-2018. He is currently a member of the @ISNeducation Team, the WCN 2020 Social Media Team, the YNC, and the Fellowship Committee. He is Emerging Center Leader for the ongoing SRC partnership between Hospital Obrero #2, C.N.S./Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Bolivia and the University of California, San Diego as well as Site Leader for the Kidney Care Network project.

Mirna Aleckovic-Halilovic, from the Clinic of Internal diseases at the University Clinical Center Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina, trained for six months under Dr. Ahmed Aimun at the Royal Preston Hospital in the UK in 2015. An SRC pairing was also established between these institutions. Dr. Aleckovic-Halilovic acknowledged the advantage of being able to participate in both these programs simultaneously, stating that they “benefit each other in so many ways and facilitate achieving [the] purposes of both.”

Dr. Aleckovic-Halilovic was able to improve transplantation medicine in both her home institution and in her home country as a whole by adopting a higher quantity of biopsies using new biopsy techniques. She shared her expertise through research and publications and assisted colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in their applications for ISN Fellowships.

Dr. Aleckovic-Halilovic joined the Young Nephrologists Committee and became a member of the Eastern and Central Europe Regional Board in 2017 and a member of the ISN Clinical Research Committee in 2019.

Last year, she organized a week-long Educational Ambassador visit by Dr. Ahmed Aimun on Glomerular Diseases with a focus on hands-on training in Kidney Biopsy.

Apply for an ISN Fellowship here.

Milestones in Nephrology Issue 2: Systemic autoimmune diseases and the kidney

To celebrate ISNs 60th anniversary, Kidney International’s “Milestones in Nephrology” series continues with a review of some of the original articles it has published on the effects of systemic autoimmune diseases on the kidney.

These articles have characterized the pathology and clinical course of these diseases and enabled the nephrology community to make informed decisions in treating these complex conditions:

  • The glomerular basement membrane as antigen: Goodpasture’s syndrome and anti-GBM glomerulonephritis (Wilson CB, Dixon FJ., 1973);
  • Severe GN but few glomerular antibodies: pauci-immune GN (Pusey CD, Rees AJ, Evans DJ, et al.);
  • Assessing the prognosis of lupus nephritis: the role of the kidney biopsy (Austin HA III, Muenz LR, Joyce KM, et al.); and
  • Personalizing immunosuppressive treatment in LN (Dooley MA, Hogan S, Jennette JC, et al.).
Thursday, 06 February 2020 12:09

ISN Welcomes a new Collective Society

ISN Welcomes a new Collective Society

In January, the Panamanian Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (SPNH)  joined ISN as a Collective Society, further strengthening a mutual commitment to the advancement of nephrology in Central America.

Collective Society status increases global activity and visibility through ISN endorsement giving priority consideration for managing joint events and complimentary participation in the Global Village at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN).

ISN looks forward to working closely with the SPNH to advance kidney health worldwide – together.

If you would like more information about the benefits of collective membership, please send an email to

“8 Golden Rules Challenge” for World Kidney Day 2020

On February 8, WKD launched #MyGr8Rule challenge urging everyone around the globe, of all ages and from all cultures, to look after their kidneys and prevent kidney disease.

To participate in the #MyGr8Rule challenge:

  • Accomplish one of the 8 golden rules of keeping kidneys healthy and preventing kidney disease such as keeping active, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet etc.
  • Take a picture of yourself in action
  • Layer the Rules photo frame on top of your photo (optional)
  • Share on social media with the hashtag #MyGr8Rule

Involve family and friends to creatively complete as many #MyGr8Rule challenges as possible in anticipation of WKD on March 12.

Discover the WKD 8 golden rules and get inspiration here.

ISN represented at the Global Noncommmunicable Disease Alliance Forum

The third Global Noncommunicable Diseases Alliance (NCDA) Forum is being held in Sharja, UAE, from February 9 to 11, 2020. ISN, a partner of the NCDA, joined the Forum to represent kidney diseases worldwide.

The theme of the Forum was “Bridging the Gap” and focused on ways to accelerate the translation of political commitment into action, especially in light of the Political Declaration on NCDs (2018) and UHC (2019).

On February 10, ISN Advocacy Director Luisa Strani opened the workshop, “Building coalitions and social movements to address NCD multi-morbidities: Health systems for people, not siloes for diseases,” and moderated the discussion on the opportunities and challenges of developing an integrated approach to NCDs.

The ISN is a strong advocate of an integrated and people-centered approach to care, both key elements in reducing the multi-morbidity burden of kidney diseases and to achieve Universal Health coverage (UHC).

Follow ISN advocacy activities here.

ISN Clinical Research Program: Call for Applicants 2020

The ISN Clinical Research Program supports research and education programs in low-to-middle income countries, involving local nephrologists, health workers, and authorities. The Program helps implement research projects to detect and manage non-communicable chronic diseases such as CKD, AKI, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

The deadline for online submission of proposals is May 1, 2020.

Proposals must be reviewed by a regional coordinator for approval before they are submitted online. To ensure adequate reviewal time, proposals should be sent to the regional coordinator before April 1, 2020.

Please access the online application platform before you contact your regional coordinator to see how project proposals should be written and what documentation is required.

Download the detailed Clinical Research Program Guidelines here for more information and eligibility.

ISN looks forward to supporting research projects that will help detect and manage non-communicable chronic diseases in emerging countries.

A two-day meeting was held in Vancouver, Canada, from January 31 to February 1, 2020, which brought together the ISN executive leadership, members of ISN Research groups, patients, clinicians, clinical trialists, academics, industry, and regulators to establish momentum for international collaborative work in clinical trials and research in kidney disease across the world.

The meeting introduced current ISN research activities and described the overall landscape in international clinical research. Six patient partners shared their kidney journeys and their perspectives on participating in research. The focus of the meeting was to present, vet, and clarify draft definitions of kidney failure as endpoints in clinical trials, and to understand the nuances and issues related to different definitions, in specific circumstances, in order to achieve international consensus.

A publication is being drafted, which will describe the recommended components of kidney failure endpoints for use in clinical trials, based on the totality of the work done by the conference participants. Dissemination activities are subsequently planned.

This is the first attempt by the international nephrology community to identify reproducible, robust definitions of kidney failure outcomes and acceptable surrogates for clinical trials, to be used worldwide, in any resource setting. The value of these consensus definitions will be to improve consistency and understanding of results in clinical trials. This is a first step toward a long-term goal to improve the evidence base from which to treat patients with kidney diseases worldwide.

This initiative is part of ISN’s recognition of the importance of clinical research and the need to enhance clinical trials based on established endpoints with international relevance. 

As part of its vision to ensure equitable access to kidney health globally, the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is proud to launch the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). With the aim of building a global talent pool of future leaders, the ELP welcomes ISN members interested in shaping the direction of kidney health through professional development and improved understanding of health policy and implementation to ensure health promotion and access to prevention, control and management of kidney diseases.

The Program will provide participants worldwide with the opportunity to work closely with international experts in order to develop leadership and advanced capabilities in:

  • implementation science and research;
  • developing and implementing evidence-informed policy;
  • evaluation, development and management of health systems;
  • principles of entrepreneurship, advocacy and communications;
  • influencing stakeholders including policymakers, funders, implementers and media.

To participants, the ELP offers (1) becoming part of a global network consisting of experts who positively impact the kidney health agenda around the world through collaboration as well as high quality and multidisciplinary research in discovery and implementation science; (2) empowerment to find innovative ways to let their voices be heard so they can act as agents of change at the local and international level and (3) access to continuous professional development to acquire the necessary resources, skills and knowledge to take on leadership roles locally and globally

Successful candidates will be matched with a mentor drawn from the ISN leadership to help them map out their journey and reach their career goals.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Early career academic (MD and/or PhD) as defined by being at the Fellow/Instructor/Assistant Professor level or equivalent for other countries.
  • The call is open to non-academics at comparable career levels who are interested in improving the global kidney health agenda.
  • Talented and motivated early-career professional (less than 10 years out of residency or training)
  • Be able to demonstrate commitment to the improvement of global kidney health using a collaborative approach.
  • Be a member of ISN (Not a member? Join here)

Information Session and Applications
An information session will be scheduled to take place at the World Congress of Nephrology in Abu Dhabi (26-29 March 2020). The application session will open shortly after the Congress.

If you would like to attend the information session or ask questions about the program, please contact Marie-Pierre Smal at

Monday, 27 January 2020 11:45

Young Nephrologists at WCN20

The World Congress of Nephrology in Abu Dhabi is fast-approaching. The Young Nephrologist Committee has put together an exciting program of sessions and events tailored specifically to young nephrologists and trainees:

Young Nephrologists Session

Saturday 28th March: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m., Capital Suite 5

Learn about the challenges and experiences of young nephrologists from around the world.

Talks will be given by young nephrologists from Lebanon, focusing on the challenges facing young female nephrologists in the Middle East, and from Uganda, on their experiences of the ISN Fellowship Program. And the winners of the young nephrologist abstract awards will present their work. This session will also include an update on the activities of the Young Nephrologist Committee and its objectives going forward.

Young Nephrologists Highlights Session

Sunday 29th March: 10 a.m. - 10.45 a.m., Spotlight Theatre (venue to be confirmed)

Find out how to become involved in ISN initiatives.

This informal and interactive session at the Spotlight Theatre will be an opportunity to hear about different ways young nephrologists can become actively involved with the work of ISN. This will include a talk from Pierre Ronco, the editor of Kidney International, outlining opportunities for publishing in ISN’s journals. Other ISN programs, such as the Fellowship Program and the Sister Renal Centers Program, will be showcased.

Young Nephrologist Social Event

Saturday 28th March: 5.30 p.m., Pearl Rotana Capital Centre

Network with young nephrologists from ISN’s global community.

The Pearl Rotana Capital Centre ( has been specially designated for young nephrologists attending WCN20 in Abu Dhabi. This hotel is very close to the convention center and offers good rates; so do join other young nephrologists here if you haven’t yet booked accommodation.

A social event for all young nephrologists and trainees will be held here. Scientists, patients, and other healthcare professionals are warmly invited to join. This will be an informal occasion presenting an opportunity to meet other young nephrologists from around the world. This event was a great success in Melbourne, and ISN would love to see as many of you as possible again this year.

To encourage an international online community where ideas can be exchanged amongst young nephrologists from around the world, please remember to use the hashtag #ISNYoung for all content relevant to young nephrologists on social media at all times, including at the Congress.


See you in Abu Dhabi,

The Young Nephrologists Committee

A two-day meeting is to be held in Vancouver, Canada, from January 31 to February 1, 2020, bringing together members of ISN Research groups, patients, clinicians, clinical trialists, academics, industry, and regulators to establish momentum for international collaborative work in clinical trials and research in kidney disease across the world.

The meeting will introduce current ISN research activities and describe the overall landscape in international clinical research. The core focus of the meeting is to establish the 1st International Definition of Kidney Failure in Clinical Trials Consensus Document, with publication and dissemination to follow.

This is the first attempt by the international nephrology community to identify a reproducible, robust definition of kidney failure for clinical trials, to be used worldwide, in any resource setting. The value of this consensus definition will be to improve consistency and understanding of results in clinical trials. This is a first step toward a long-term goal to improve the evidence-base from which to treat patients with kidney diseases worldwide.

This initiative is part of ISN’s recognition of the importance of clinical research and the need to enhance clinical trials based on established endpoints with international relevance.

iran society

Below, Left to Right: 1. Mohsen Nafar (President of IrSN and Congress), 2. David Harris (Past-President of ISN), 3. Shahrzad Ossareh (Chair of Middle East Regional Board of ISN, Secretary General of IrSN), 4. Behrooz Broumand (Past President of IrSN), 5. Ghanbarali Raeisjalali (Iranian Nephrologist), 6. Mohammadali Shafiee (Iranian Nephrologist, Canada), 7. Jose Divino (Nephrologist, Brazil)

The Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN) hosted its 17th International Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis & Transplantation in Tabriz, in northwest Iran, from 19-22 November, 2019.

The conference was organized in collaboration with ISN, represented by Past President and current Chair of ISN Programs, David Harris, The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA), the Mayo Clinic Foundation, the Iranian Society of Pediatric Nephrology, and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.

IrSN, one of the largest collective societies of ISN, has kept pace with the rapid progress in the science of nephrology and is well-placed to help build capacity in the field in neighbouring, emerging countries, and this is being progressively achieved.

Due to the disruption of internet services in Iran at the time of the Congress, the meeting was not live-streamed on the ISN website as planned. However, the full program is now accessible on the ISN Academy.

More photos are available here.

A multidisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians met in October 2018 to identify evidence and address controversies in potassium management providing research priorities and guidance for evaluation and management of dyskalemias in the context of kidney diseases.

Celebrate World Kidney Day (WKD) by organizing an awareness event in your community: a sports event, a concert, a roundtable talk, a flash mob, or even a street fest.

If you need help organizing a World Kidney Day event, download the 2020 “events guide”. If you’ve already planned your event, please add it to the interactive worldwide map.

Follow World Kidney Day social media channels (@worldkidneyday, worldkidney_day, @worldkidneyday) to take part in a fun interactive activity next month celebrating 15 years of WKD (#gr8).

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 14:00

Simulation Certificate Course in Abu Dhabi

Given the steadily increasing demand for interventional nephrology in low and middle-income countries, the ISN, with generous support from Cleveland Clinic, will hold a simulation training session from 8 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on Friday, March 27, 2020, in Abu Dhabi.

The course focuses on learning and practicing procedures, such as central venous catheter placement, kidney biopsies, and physical examination of vascular access under supervision. The aim is to offer supervised training to help students feel comfortable performing the procedures. This course is separate from the Interventional Nephrology pre-course taking place on Thursday 26 at WCN20.

As a component of this course in Abu Dhabi, ISN will shortly release an online didactic module designed for general nephrologists, nephrology trainees, advanced practitioners, nephrology nurses, and technicians. It will provide an overview of vascular access biology, process of care, identification of complications, and fundamentals of quality improvement goals. To receive the “Mastery in Simulation Training” certificate, this online module must be completed and a supervised simulation training must be passed prior to the hands-on training session in Abu Dhabi.

The registration fee for the course is $1,000. Cleveland Clinic has generously agreed to sponsor the course fee for 15 trainees from low to middle-income countries. The sponsored delegates will be recognized as Brenda and Tim Huval Interventional Nephrology Scholars.

The course has a maximum capacity of 30 people. If you would like to participate in the course, please complete the registration form and send to before March 3.

Supported by CCF

Registration Form

In honor of the late influential nephrologist and former Editor of Kidney International Detlef Schlöndorff, ISN has set up the Detlef Schlöndorff Fellowship Fund to support training for one Fellow per year.

The ISN congratulates Dr. Etienne Ntabanganyimana, from the Gihundwe Hospital in Rwanda, who has been selected as the first Detlef Schlöndorff Fellow by the ISN Fellowship Committee.

Dr. Ntabanganyimana will travel to India to spend 12 months training under the mentorship of Prof. Santosh Varughese at the Christian Medical College in Vellore. His training will focus on Interventional Nephrology.

The ISN wishes to thank Barbel Schlöndorff, wife of the late Detlef Schlöndorff, Patricia and Jeremiah Morrissey, and Pierre Ronco for their generous donations toward funding this fellowship.

Donations to the Detlef Schlöndorff Fellowship Fund can be made by PayPal. If you would like to make a donation by check or bank transfer, please contact Thomas Jacob, ISN Fellowship Program Coordinator, by email at

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 13:54

Access the latest ISN-ACT Global Trials

Every month the ISN-ACT Team lists interesting new randomized controlled trials from around the world.


  • Brace for it: an external support device may help fistulas to mature
  • Getting things straight when it comes to peritoneal dialysis catheters

See the latest trials here

In the second half of 2019, ISN led two meetings in Colombia providing education on pediatric and adult kidney transplantation and patient accessibility to renal transplantation services.

The ISN-Transplant Society (TTS) Sister Transplant Center (STC) pair, Boston Children´s Hospital and ISN emerging center Fundación Valle del Líli in Cali, Colombia, held a meeting on the immunopathology of kidney transplantation from August 27-28, 2019, in Cali Colombia. This meeting was part of the ISN Continuing Medical Education Program (CME). The guest speaker, Dr. Andres Jaramillo, Director of the Histocompatibility Laboratory and Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, gave several talks over the course of the two-day conference, which included a workshop and laboratory in immunopathology of kidney transplantation.

The ISN Sister Renal Center (SRC) trio, ISN mentoring center Boston Children’s Hospital, ISN supporting center Fundacion Valle del Líli, and and ISN emerging center Hospital Susana López de Valencia in Popayàn, in collaboration with the Colombian Association of Nephrology (ASOCOLNEF) and the Colombian Pediatric Nephrology Association (ACONEPE) held a second meeting on acute and chronic kidney disease, “Renal health for everybody, everywhere”, from October 25-26, 2019, in Popayàn, Colombia. Dr. Francisco Flores, associate professor and consultant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, USA, was an invited speaker at the event.

According to Dr. Restrepo, the region faces several challenges: the mortality rate of acute kidney disease is high and more training in AKI detection and treatment is needed; there are difficulties communicating with the large aboriginal population with renal diseases in the Southwest region, and Cali is a long distance drive for many, with few direct planes. Popayàn has almost 650 patients in renal replacement therapy (RRT), and Pasto has 900 patients in RRT waiting for kidney transplantation (KTx).

Following these meetings, Popayan received the support necessary to start academic meetings and workshops to enhance RRT and stimulate interest for these programs among the medical population.

Drs. Andrés Jaramillo and Jaume Martorell from the Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, and Edgar Milford from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, support the Fundación Valle del Líli’s kidney immunopathology and tissue typing laboratory development. Plans are currently being made to set up two additional transplant centers in Popayan and Pasto. The ISN SRC and ISN-TTS STC Programs have supported and trained nurses, laboratory professionals, as well as adult and pediatric nephrologists toward launching the transplant program in Popayàn.

To celebrate ISN’s 60th anniversary throughout 2020, Kidney International’s “Milestones in Nephrology” series launches with a review of the development in understanding of the pathophysiology of the glomerulus, highlighting several original articles published in KI:

The glomerular signature in patients with hematuria (Kenneth F. Fairley and Douglas F. Birch, 1982);

The permselectivity of the glomerular capillary wall (Ramsay L.S. Chang, William M. Deen, Channing R. Robertson, and Barry M. Brenner, 1975);

T-cells and macrophages in rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis: clinicopathologic correlations (Bolton W.K., Innes D.J. Jr., Sturgill B.C., Kaiser D.L., 1987);

Glomerular hemodynamic changes vs. hypertrophy in experimental glomerular sclerosis (Yoshida Y., Fogo A., Ichikawa I., 1989); and

Genetic studies into inherited and sporadic hemolytic uremic syndrome (Warwicker P., Goodship T.H.J., Donne R.L., et al., 1998).

These articles, despite sometimes triggering controversy, opened the way for improved patient care, innovative therapeutic intervention, and genetic screening.

These groundbreaking papers from KI, shared monthly, will be discussed by an editor from KI and put into perspective of the most recent advances in the field.

Celebrating ISN’s 60th anniversary, this online timeline spans six decades of ISN’s remarkable history of commitment to advancing kidney health worldwide.

Follow ISN’s journey starting as a small community of visionaries with little funding to a global organization dedicated to improving kidney care worldwide through granting programs, education, research, and advocacy.

At the advent of its seventh decade, ISN is confident that members and partners will continue to work together toward equitable access to kidney health for all, adding new chapters to an enduring history.

The 38th edition of the International Vicenza Course on Acute Kidney Injury and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies will be held from May 26-28, 2020, in Vicenza, Italy.

This scientific event will host an AKI path, a CRRT path, and a Meet the Expert path, as well as a series of lectures and panel discussions led by world experts in the field. The course will provide a valuable opportunity for discussion between peers and experienced colleagues to improve care for patients with acute kidney injury and multiple organ dysfunction.

Three complimentary passes to attend the event are available to young nephrologists under the age of 35 who are ISN members. Please note that travel and accommodation are not included in this offer. The ISN Young Nephrologists Committee will select the successful applicants. The deadline to apply is February 28, 2020.

Application Form

For further information, please contact

Dear colleagues,

The start of the new year provides us with the opportunity to look forward to the International Society of Nephrology's ongoing work, guided by its mission of advancing kidney health worldwide and the shared values of the ISN membership.

ISN’s capacity building and educational activities have helped build a critical mass of appropriately skilled professionals providing kidney care in parts of the world where such services are most needed. This has been possible through a global pool of volunteers who continue to selflessly share their expertise and knowledge.

ISN is committed to further enhance the capacity of a global nephrology workforce with the aim of building leaders who will not only advance in their own careers but work collaboratively to create integrated, scalable, and sustainable kidney care programs aligned with their national health priorities, as well as with global standards.

ISN’s efforts in helping to build leaders will be supplemented by strong and enhanced advocacy focus on an integrated approach to kidney care, as part of universal healthcare, in partnership with other professional societies, NGOs and multilateral organisations.

ISN is dedicated to enhancing the global nephrology community's participation in research, particularly in high-quality clinical trials and cohort studies, through activities that increase collaboration and sharing of experiences.

I want to thank each one of you for your contribution to making ISN a trusted leader, effective enabler, and connector of communities. The ISN's priorities are those of its members, and we look forward to hearing from you - either reaching us directly through the ISN Regional Boards or the leadership of your national and regional societies of nephrology.

I am honored to be serving as the ISN President in this 60th year of our society. I look forward to welcoming many of you at WCN20 in Abu Dhabi in March, and to the always lively and stimulating interchanges that take place at the Congress. 

Finally, I wish you the best for 2020, and look forward to working together for a future where all people have equitable access to sustainable kidney health.


Banner for 60th anniversary Version 2 Announcement

The celebratory activities to mark ISN’s 60th anniversary in 2020 have been launched.

Throughout 2020, ISN will highlight past accomplishments, current projects, and future aspirations in its mission to advance kidney health worldwide.

Some of the activities taking place in our 60th year are:

  • a series of articles, “Milestones in Nephrology”, published in ISN journal Kidney International, highlighting 60 groundbreaking papers that helped change and advance the field of nephrology
  • a number of events and special announcements at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Abu Dhabi on March 26-29, 2020
  • a celebration of key developments in nephrology in different parts of the world on org throughout the year
  • new content on the ISN Academy
  • anew ISN logo and redesigned website

Follow us on social media to discover more #ISN60years

ISN is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, United Kingdom, supporting one long-term Fellowship per year to train in pediatric nephrology. The collaboration seeks to contribute to the development of renal care in low and middle-income countries.

To start with, candidates will need to establish a training plan with a Host Mentor at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and outline the objectives of the training by February 1. Once the curriculum has been agreed, candidates can apply on the ISN Fellowship application portal by May 1.

More information on application requirements is available here.

Monday, 16 December 2019 09:31

ISN Welcomes Two New Collective Societies

The Colombian Association of Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension (ASOCOLNEF) and the Paraguayan Society of Nephrology (SPN) have joined as ISN Collective Societies, further strengthening a mutual commitment to the advancement of nephrology in the Latin American region.

Members of the SPN and ASOCOLNEF will enjoy the full benefits of ISN membership for a tailored fee. Collective Society status increases global activity and visibility through ISN endorsement, priority consideration for managing joint events, and complimentary participation in the Global Village at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN).

In addition, individual members of these societies enjoy full membership benefits including special event rates journals, special event rates, and education at the ISN Academy.

ISN looks forward to working closely with ASOCOLNEF and PSN to advance kidney health worldwide – together.

If you would like more information about the benefits of collective membership, please send an email to

As part of the Saving Young Lives Project* a peritoneal dialysis (PD) training workshop was held at St John’s Medical College Hospital in Bengaluru, India, from November 15-16, 2019.

The workshop aimed to empower pediatricians working in the community and in hospital settings with a skill-based approach to the management of a child with acute kidney injury (AKI). The hands-on course taught early detection of AKI, non-dialysis management for AKI, and acute peritoneal dialysis. A course book was produced to accompany the workshop.

Read an article about the way local solutions are saving young lives here.

18 pediatricians and 2 nurses from Northeast and South India, as well as neighboring Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius attended the course. Selection was made by course facilitators Dr. Arpana Iyengar, Dr. Anil Vasudevan, and Dr. Rajiv Sinha based on available expertise and existing resources within the regions.

ISN President Vivek Jha was a guest speaker at the training, discussing AKI challenges around the world.

The impact of the SYL Renal Basic Life Support Training Course and other SYL courses is monitored by inviting course delegates to participate in collecting data of their future AKI patients treated with PD.

*An ISN collaboration with SYL partner organizations: the International Paediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA), the European Peritoneal Dialysis Organisation (EuroPD), and International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD).

As part of the Educational Ambassadors Program (EAP), the ISN supported Jaime Uribarri, from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, to spend one week in May 2019 as ISN Educational Ambassador to train staff at the Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara in Lima, Peru.

The aim of the training was to increase knowledge about the nutritional management of CKD to reduce the prevalence of protein-energy wasting (PEW) and the complications that can arise from this pathology. Peruvian educational programs in nephrology generally do not include nutritional considerations; and, despite high levels of malnutrition in the Peruvian population, there is a lack of reliable data available to clinicians.

The ISN Ambassador gave lectures and practice-sessions on basic concepts in nutritional assessment in CKD patients, latest clinical and laboratory criteria for PEW, and best practices in management of PEW and related nutritional disorders.

Training provided through ISN’s EAP is intended to improve patient care in the host center and promote growth of the local nephrology practice.

Monday, 02 December 2019 10:22

Launch of ISN-Swiss-Cameroon Program

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN), the Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN), and the Cameroon Society of Nephrology (CASONEPH), launched a new partnership earlier this year to establish a joint program of the ISN, Yaoundé 1 University, and Geneva University.

Dr James Tataw and Professor Patrick Saudan, from Geneva University, reported a successful start to the collaboration having spent 10 days in Yaoundé in November in order to launch the partnership between Geneva University, the Yaoundé 1 University, the nephrology units of Yaoundé General and University Teaching Hospitals, and the Cameroon Society of Nephrology. They met staff at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Yaoundé 1 University, the Yaoundé General Hospital, and Yaoundé University teaching Hospital.

Progress has been made in the following areas:

  • Medical education: From November 1, 2020, a Fellow from Cameroon will begin a six-month residency to train in the maintenance of hemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis and acquire expertise in ultrasound procedures dedicated to hemodialysis in the nephrology unit of Geneva. Two further residencies are expected in November 2021 and 2022.
  • Clinical practice: The hemodialysis unit in Yaoundé University Teaching Hospital takes care of between 120-140 patients who are dialyzed twice a week. Talks were presented to the dialysis staff and a metric record was established. A handheld ultrasound transducer with vascular and cardiac probes was purchased for the dialysis unit.
  • A clinical research open-label trial assessing the interest of bicarbonate supplementation in addition to local standard care in pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease was initiated in the nephrology units of Yaoundé General and University Teaching Hospitals: a donation of sodium bicarbonate has been made, a group of seven nephrologists have been designated to recruit from their outpatient clinics, and volunteer doctors will undertake the data management process. It’s planned that patients will be enrolled for the study from January 2020.

In order to investigate candidate hypotheses for chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu), the ISN has supported a multidisciplinary group of nephrologists, epidemiologists, and occupational health and environmental scientists to form a consortium (i3C) to identify a coherent approach to studying CKDu and to provide recommendations for studies focusing on investigating causes. The team analyzed the most promising approaches with respect to designing field studies, integrating molecular analysis of biosamples into CKDu research, protecting the interests of study participants, and promoting collaboration. Research in this field has previously been challenging due to political circumstances, the marginalized nature of populations afflicted, and the scarcity of personnel and funding. This evaluation aims to facilitate studies that help understand chronic rates of CKDu in young and middle-aged individuals in certain regions of the world. Read the full paper at Kidney International (KI).

The BSN has joined the ISN as an ISN Collective Society alongside a valued group of Collective Societies. Members of the BSN will enjoy the full benefits of ISN membership for a tailored fee. As a Collective Society, BSN will work with the ISN to advance kidney health worldwide. In addition, this relation will provide an opportunity to develop materials in Portuguese for the ISN Academy.

Collective Society status increases global activity and visibility through ISN endorsement, priority consideration for managing joint events, and complimentary participation in the Global Village at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN).

If you would like more information about the benefits of collective membership, please send an email to

ISN is pleased to announce a monthly series, “Milestones in Nephrology”, from the editorial team of Kidney International (KI). Through the course of 2020, this series will highlight 60 historical papers of importance to the nephrology community from the early days of KI.

Every month in 2020, five groundbreaking KI papers will be republished, discussed by an editor, and put into perspective of the most recent advances in the field.

This series sets the scene for the upcoming year of celebratory activities planned in 2020 to commemorate ISN’s 60th anniversary and the achievements ISN has made through its members and supporters.

Read More

Water is a forgotten nutrient. The ISN Academy is hosting Hydration For Health’s online courses. Hydration for Health is an initiative by Danone Nutricia Research which aims at raising public awareness on healthy hydration and encourage sustainable healthy hydration habits by sharing scientific research, educational materials, and practical tools.

The first course, “Hydration Basics”, focuses on basic knowledge of hydration with 4 presentations: water metabolism, the physiology of water homeostasis, hydration assessment methods and the pathophysiology of water. It’s led by Professor Ivan Tack M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Physiology, Head of the Clinical Physiology Department, Toulouse Medical School, Paul Sabatier University, France, (France) and Professor Stavros Kavouras, Ph.D, FACSM, FECSS (Professor of Nutrition at Arizona State University and Director of the Hydration Science Lab.

Learning objectives

  • To understand why water is a nutrient, and why it has been described as the forgotten nutrient.
  • To explain body water distribution and hormonal regulation.
  • To describe the hormonal profile of low water intake and how it impacts health.
  • To understand the use of different biomarkers in a laboratory or a free leaving condition
  • To cover the benefits and limitations of the blood urine biomarkers
  • To explain the use of urine color as a method hydration self-assessment in daily life.
  • To understand distribution and roles of water, osmotic pressure and cell volume regulation
  • To explain the renal action of AVP for water balance and discuss weather is renal water saving is a stress
  • To discuss optimal limits of hydration and fluid intake and study cases of low drinkers
  • To discuss the cost of the renal saving water

The second course, “Water and Fluid Intake” present the current dietary assessment methods, the results of the LiqIn7 database on fluid intake pattern in 13 countries and explores how to create an hydrogenic environment. It’s led by Dr. Joan Gandy Ph.D., RD, FBDA (UK), Freelance dietitian, UK Fellow of the British Dietetic Association, Hydration for Health Scientific Committee Member; Professor Homero Martinez, Ph.D. Micronutrient Forum,(Canada) ; and Dr. Isabelle Guelinckx, Ph.D., Msc, RD (former Fluid Intake Scientist, Danone Nutricia Research, France).

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand challenges when assessing fluid intake.
  • To familiarize with a validated methodology for assessing fluid intake
  • To understand how to make hydration part of your daily practice
  • To understand how to contribute to educating patients, understanding barriers and levers

Learn more here

At a joint meeting held during the 2019 SLANH congress in Lima, Peru, between the ISN President and Executive Director, the SLANH Steering Committees, and the members of the Latin American Board of ISN (LARB-ISN), ISN and SLANH agreed to extend and formalize their existing partnership to include collaboration on all ISN programs and activities, demonstrating their mutual commitment to the advancement of nephrology in the Latin American region.

This partnership seeks to advance regional capacity building through the ISN-SLANH Fellowships, Sister Renal Centers (SRC), CME meetings, Educational Ambassadors program (EA), Clinical Research projects, and the Kidney Care Network.

The collaboration also aims to increase the availability of educational content in Spanish and Portuguese on the ISN Academy and to develop and support CME meetings in Spanish and Portuguese held in Latin America.

In particular, this agreement is intended to encourage the training of Latin American Fellows within the region and to build partnerships between emerging and supporting Sister Renal Centers from the region. In both cases, the long-term objective is to create Nephrological Training Centers of excellence in Latin America.

The ISN is pleased to announce that it will be naming an ISN Fellowship in honor of Detlef Schlöndorff, MD, who died in October 2019.

Detlef Schlöndorff was a prolific renal investigator for over five decades and active in multiple leadership roles within the ISN, including as editor in chief of the Kidney International (KI). In 2019, he was awarded the ISN Jean Hamburger Award in recognition of his outstanding research in nephrology with a clinical emphasis. He trained and mentored over 50 fellows from around the globe, including some of the current world leaders in academic nephrology.

To honor and sustain Detlef’s commitment to training fellows, ISN invites donations to the Detlef Schlöndorff Fellowship fund, which will provide training to one physician per year from a low-resource country with the ultimate goal of improving the standards of care in the Fellow's home country upon their return and to help them become a leader in their field.

You can donate to the Detlef Schlöndorff Fellowship fund by PayPal. If you would like to donate by check or wire transfer, please contact Thomas Jacob, ISN Fellowship Program Coordinator, by email at

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 11:04

ISN Scientific Writing Course held in India

The 2019 ISN Scientific Writing Course (SWC) was held from Sep 30 to Oct 2 in Delhi, India. This event, supported by the Indian Society of Nephrology, was delivered to nephrologists from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, to enhance their scientific writing skills.

Faculty at the three-day course included international and local experts in the field of scientific writing: Giovanni Strippoli, ISN Clinical Research Program Committee Chair, Arpana Iyengar, ISN Clinical Research Program Committee Deputy Chair and Course Director, Neesh Pannu, Scientific Program Working Group for WCN 2020 Chair of Sub-theme, Marcello Tonelli, Scientific Program Working Group WCN 2020 Chair, and Narayan Prasad, Secretary General of the Indian Society of nephrology.

The twelve participants received one-on-one mentoring from faculty on various aspects of preparing a manuscript for publication and rated the course as “extremely engaging”. They gave special thanks to ISN faculty member and course director, Dr Arpana, “for putting together an excellent course”.

The ISN Renal Pathology Working Group seeks applications from nephropathologists from low and low-to-middle resource countries (as defined by the World Bank) for travel bursaries in 2020.

Four awards of up to a maximum value of $1500 per person will be awarded to finance either:

  • a mini-sabbatical to provide short term in-depth study of renal pathology by immersion in an established renal pathology laboratory for a period of 2-4 weeks,


  • attendance at a major renal pathology course  at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) to be held in Abu Dhabi, or courses in New York, Amsterdam, Warsaw (see below)

In addition, the organizers of the Columbia University Renal Pathology Course have kindly offered five awards of remote internet-based access to live streaming of the presentations during the first three days of the course, from July 10-12, 2020. Online access to audiovisual recordings of the presentations will also be provided for one month following the course. These are not monetary awards.

Successful applicants should already have fundamental knowledge in renal pathology, and should be involved in, or have the opportunity to become involved in, diagnostic evaluation of renal biopsy specimens. The awards are only available to ISN members.

Applications should be submitted electronically by December 13, 2019.

Please address any questions to 

Find further details and eligibility criteria on the application form.

Major renal pathology courses:

  • The Renal Pathology Course (26 March) at the World Congress of Nephrology to be held in Abu Dhabi 26-29 March, 2020
  • The International Renal Pathology Congress to be held in Warsaw 15-18 April, 2020
  • The Columbia University Renal Pathology Course Renal Biopsy in Medical Diseases of the Kidney to be held in New York City 10-13 July, 2020
  • Another course of your choice – please add details.

All sessions of the 17th International Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, held in collaboration with the International Society of Nephrology and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, taking place in Tabiz, Iran, will be streamed live at the ISN Academy over the three days of the Congress from November 19-22, 2019.

If you are unable to attend the event, the live stream will be available from tomorrow here. 

Recordings of the sessions will also be available after the Congress.

Monday, 18 November 2019 12:27

ISN at Kidney Week 2019

Meaghan Lunney, from the University of Alberta, Canada, presenting the abstract on ISN’s Global Kidney Health Atlas 2019, “Current Status of ESKD Care in World Countries and Regions,” during the morning session on November 9 at Kidney Week 2019.

isn booth visitors

Thanks to all those who visited the ISN booth in Washington, as well as all the ISN volunteer leaders who met on-site to carry out the work of ISN.

Session two of the ISN Online Curriculum on Intensive Care Nephrology is now available on the ISN Academy.

In this session, the characteristic features of AKI due to acute tubular necrosis are reviewed. The learning objectives are:

  • to understand the pathophysiology of tubular epithelial cell injury and repair as well as the main renal hemodynamic changes encountered in ICU during shock, sepsis and mechanical ventilation
  • to know the diagnostic procedures for AKI diagnosis
  • to know the specificities of AKI due to sepsis, cytolytic drugs, and antibiotics
  • to recognize and treat AKI secondary to rhabdomyolysis and hemolysis

To illustrate these topics, two typical clinical cases are presented (one case of rhabdomyolysis, one case of vancomycin toxicity) with a discussion about therapeutic options and recommendations.

Learn More

Issa Al Salmi, from Oman, a member of the ISN Young Nephrologist Committee (YNC) as well as the Local Organizing Working group of the WCN 2020 in Abu Dhabi, was recently awarded the prestigious Editors' Choice award by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD) for his research into the international variation, predictors, and outcomes of missed hemodialysis sessions. Since 2017, AJKD has recognized a small number of articles published within its journal, which the editors have selected to receive the Editors' Choice Award. This year, Issa’s paper was one of four original research studies selected for this prize.

abstract issa
Visual abstract of Issa’s study which received the award

A challenge to providing quality care to hemodialysis patients is that patients sometimes miss one or more of their thrice-weekly scheduled HD treatments. Issa and his team asked how missing hemodialysis treatments differs across countries, and how missing treatments relates to patient characteristics and outcomes. Using data from the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS), they showed that missing ≥1 hemodialysis treatment over four months varied greatly across countries (<1% in Italy & Japan; 24% in US), across facilities, by particular patient factors, and was associated with poorer outcomes.

The ISN YNC was established in 2007 with the aim of engaging the Society’s younger members, developing education, research, and leadership opportunities tailored specifically for this younger age group. Issa has been a member of the committee for the last five years. He is currently part of initiatives within the committee to better engage younger ISN members, and to encourage nephrologists and trainees from within his region, and worldwide, to become active members of the society. He hopes his award will inspire young nephrologists and trainees to become active members of the ISN and to participate in research to advance our understanding of kidney disease. Issa encourages young nephrologists to come together at the WCN 2020 in Abu Dhabi, to celebrate the work of young ISN members from across the world.

issa al salmi Issa Al Salmi receiving the AJKD Editor’s Choice Award at the American Society of Nephrology, 2019

Monday, 18 November 2019 08:54

ISN-ACT Toolkit to be launched at WCN 2020

As part of its aim to increase the number of international, high-quality clinical trials in nephrology informing the optimal prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications for the benefit of patients, the ISN-ACT (Advancing Clinical Trials) Committee is developing an online clinical trials toolkit to provide the nephrology community with a central and user-friendly resource on randomized clinical trials. This important project will be released at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Abu Dhabi, in March 2020.

The ISN-ACT Committee has drawn on contributions and expertise from over a dozen nephrologists and researchers from five continents. The resulting toolkit will be a focal point for those interested in clinical trials, regardless of their level of experience. This instrument will be of significant use to those working in countries where there is limited clinical trial expertise.

ISN members can look forward to the first online clinical trials toolkit designed specifically for the global nephrology clinical research community. Attend WCN 2020 and be part of the launch and the first to access the toolkit online.

Monday, 04 November 2019 11:15

ISN in Washington for Kidney Week

ISN will have three booths at the ASN Kidney Week from November 5-10, 2019, in Washington, DC. There will be free access to KI (Kidney International) journals at the KI Booth (No. 2632). The ISN booth (No. 2634) will be presenting the Friends@WCN special registration offer, taking registrations for WCN’20, and renewing memberships. The World Kidney Day booth (2636) will provide a photo opportunity at the even

The ISN warmly congratulates its president, Professor Vivekanand Jha, for receiving the American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO) 2019 Award for Academic Excellence for his outstanding achievements in nephrology.

Professor Jha is the Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health in India, and a James Martin Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford.

Professor Jha has wide-ranging research interests, including in comprehensive understanding of the implications of kidney diseases for global healthcare. He has collaborated with many organizations, notably the WHO, on clinical practice guidelines and advocacy papers to help develop affordable and sustainable primary and secondary kidney disease prevention tools. He lectures extensively around the world and is a prolific writer and editor.

The ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas (GKHA) 2019 manuscript “Status of care for end stage kidney disease in countries and regions worldwide: international cross sectional survey” was published in The BMJ on October 31.

The second edition of the GKHA reports on global kidney health across 160 countries representing 98% of the world’s population.

The report focuses on care for end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). It highlights the growing burden of ESKD and the significant inequities in accessing appropriate treatment both globally and regionally: two-thirds of patients living with ESKD have no access to lifesaving treatment such as dialysis, kidney transplantation or conservative care because of socio-economic, and political factors.

The researchers recommend important strategies to tackle this problem, and advocate for a greater involvement of local and international stakeholder organizations towards an equitable and optimal care for ESKD around the world.

Bello Aminu K, Levin Adeera, Lunney Meaghan, Osman Mohamed A, Ye Feng, Ashuntantang Gloria E et al. Status of care for end stage kidney disease in countries and regions worldwide: international cross sectional survey BMJ 2019; 367 :l5873

The ISN Online Curriculum on Intensive Care Nephrology launches today, November 4.

Pathophysiological and clinical data, along with clinical case studies, will be presented in four sessions made available on the ISN Academy every two weeks between now and December 16.

The course, directed by Eric Rondeau, Professor at APHP - Hôpital Tenon, Paris, France, and ISN Council Member, looks at the pathophysiology of acute disorders of the kidney; water and electrolyte disorders in ICU; acute kidney injury; glomerular, vascular or interstitial acute kidney diseases; and, renal replacement therapy for AKI patients.

The four sessions are made up of six 15-minute instructional visual presentations and two progressive clinical cases each. There is a multiple-choice test before and after each session, a discussion forum, references and guidelines. CME credits will be provided upon completion of the curriculum.

The first session “Main mechanisms and presentations of water and electrolyte disorders” as well as the full program, can be found on the ISN Academy website:

Learn More

ISN was well represented at the 15th Congress of AFRAN which was recently held in Mombasa. The ISN President, Professor Vivek Jha, as well as numerous other leaders and members of the ISN community were in attendance.

This congress, jointly organized by the African Association of Nephrology (AFRAN) and the African Pediatric Nephrology Association (AFPNA), took place from September 25 to 28 and focused on “Improving Kidney Care in Africa.”

ISN supported five speakers through its CME Program and had a strong presence throughout the congress. It organized a widely-attended breakfast session to present the ISN community, hear testimonies from past Fellows, and discuss nephrology challenges in Africa. The ISN booth was a platform for inspiring conversations with the delegates, including young nephrologists and nurses, many of whom expressed their interest in joining and contributing to the society. The African Regional Board members met and discussed the ISN strategic framework as well as the most pressing challenges to overcome.

It was also an opportune moment to present the ISN Pioneer Award to Professor Akinkugbe, from Nigeria, for his outstanding achievements in the field of nephrology. Professor Akinkugbe is a pioneer nephrologist in Africa, publishing papers on hypertension and successful practice in acute peritoneal dialysis in 1966, well before haemodialysis became readily available on the continent. He is widely published on kidney disease and hypertension and trained the first generation of indigenously-taught nephrologists who would become leading figures in nephrology in Nigeria, inspiring a new generation of African doctors to take up nephrology. In his absence, the prize was handed to Ifeoma Ulasi, current president of the Nigerian Society of Nephrology, and a volunteer leader of ISN.

Vivek Jha reports: “This was a spectacular meeting, with a diversity of program topics, several parallel sessions, and expert speakers from around the world. The attendance in sessions was very good, including by nurses.”

The ISN congratulates 22 new 2019 Fellows after the second round of applications. The successful applicants come from all over the globe: Africa, Latin America, NIS and Russia, and South Asia.

The ISN fellowship program provides tailor-made training from host institutions to health care professionals from low-resource countries. The Fellows aim to improve kidney health care in their home countries by implementing their newly acquired knowledge and experience. Since 1985, over 800 nephrologists worldwide have benefited from both long and short-term ISN fellowships.

Training is given primarily in clinical nephrology and transplantation but other areas, such as pediatric nephrology and peritoneal dialysis, are also covered.

This year, the ISN awarded the first IACN-ISN-HKSN (International Association of Chinese Nephrologists; International Society of Nephrology; Hong Kong Society of Nephrology) scholarship within the Fellowship Program to Ling Pan from the in China. Ling Pan will undertake a three-month training course supervised by Dr Ming-Hui Zhao at the Beijing University Institute of Nephrology in China. This initiative supports young nephrologists living and working in China who are looking for short-term training in either their home country or Hong Kong and is co-funded by the International Association of Chinese Nephrologists (IACN) and the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN) alongside the ISN.

ISN thanks the following sponsors for their involvement in this project: Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN); British Renal Association; Elsevier; International Association of Chinese Nephrologists (IACN); Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN); Kidneys for Life; Kidney Research UK; The Schrier Fund.

Please find below the full list of finalists and their host institutions. 

2019-2 Successful Fellows


First Name Last Name Home Country Host Country Host Institution
Mohamed AbdAlBary Egypt USA University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington
Sumit Acharya ​Nepal UK Manchester Royal Infirmary
Zoya Adam Kenya UK King's College Hospital, London
Adewale Adetunji Nigeria South Africa Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town
Areefa Alladin-Karan ​Guyana Canada Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary
David Atuhe Uganda Kenya East African Kidney Institute, Nairobi
Rabeea Azmat Pakistan UK Manchester Royal Infirmary
Ndulue Chidozie Nigeria UK Royal Preston Hospital
Cynthia Garcia-Sanchez Mexico USA Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago
Oswald Habyarimana Rwanda India St. Johns Medical College Hospital, Bangalore
Abdul-Jalil Inusah Ghana South Africa Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town
Jayanivash Jayam India South Korea St. Mary's Hospital, Seoul
Amna Kononna Sudan South Africa University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital
Dominic Kumashie Ghana South Africa Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town
Peter Maritim Kenya South Africa Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town
Alfred Meremo Tanzania South Africa University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Thembisile Mosalakatane ​Botswana South Africa Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town
Anselme Poda Morocco / Burkina Faso France Hôpital Tenon, Paris
Abid Mubashir Sheikh ​Botswana South Africa University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital
Amar Swali Tanzania India Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad
Thabang Tsenoli ​Lesotho South Africa University of Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital
Miranda Tsilosani ​Georgia USA Arkana Laboratories, Little Rock
Ling Pan China China Beijing University, Institute of Nephrology

The ISN Academy and the ISN Education Working Group is pleased to announce a new online educational initiative, KI on the Academy. The Academy will summarize one article per month, selected by the editors of the Kidney International, and present it as a video abstract. This concise video summary will be presented by the author and will be made available to ISN members on the day the article is published in the journal. The first video abstract will be presented today, October 21, on the article: “Acute Declines in eGFR and Mortality as well as Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Injection Fraction” by Wendy McCallum, Division of Nephrology, Tufts Medical Center.

Click here to learn more

Friday, 18 October 2019 09:34

OBITUARY: Detlef Schlöndorff


Nephrology community remembers Detlef Schlöndorff

Detlef Schlöndorff, MD, died of pancreatic cancer in New York City on October 16, 2019, surrounded by his family. He was a prolific renal investigator for over five decades, training and mentoring over 50 fellows from around the globe, including some of the current world leaders in academic nephrology. He received many prizes in recognition of his work: the Franz Volhard Medal of the German Nephrology Society, the Luis Hernando International Nephrology Award from the Spanish Renal Foundation, and the Jean Hamburger Award from the International Society of Nephrology (ISN). He was active in multiple leadership roles within the ISN, including as editor in chief of the Kidney International from 2012-2017.

Detlef was a warm, engaging, cultured academic. Held in esteem by hundreds of friends and colleagues worldwide and devoted to his family, he will be greatly missed by all in his extensive community.

The ISN deeply mourns his loss and offers its sincerest condolences to his family.

Angie Aguilar-Gonzalez, an ISN-H4KH new investigator, focused her research on an area in Guatemala with high incidences of renal disease of unknown cause.
Given the high variability of fluid intake across the globe and the health consequences of these variations, she chose to measure hydration patterns and renal function markers in a group of children and adolescents.

Recognizing that community engagement plays an important role in the success of research studies, Angie drew data for this sample through engagement with the local community. She was able to build collaborative relationships with regional stakeholders and health practitioners.

The project raised awareness of kidney health in the region. So far, 36 children are enrolled in the study and 400 people participated in the first “kidney walk” organized in Guatemala. Locals visited the health center asking how to evaluate their kidneys and prevent damage. Doctors responded by requesting information to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Angie acknowledged that the research project provided “a huge opportunity to grow professionally and to make a change in Guatemala”. She’s confident that it’s an important step towards the creation of Guatemala’s own renal research centre in the future.

ISN’s H4KH initiative is supported by Danone Nutricia Research to stimulate the interest of established and new researchers to explore the role of hydration in kidney health.

Find out more here:


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