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ISN Members: Explore Specialized ISN Fellowship Opportunities Tailored to Your Expertise and Region –Apply by May 1

In addition to general ISN Fellowships for ISN members from lower, lower-middle, and upper-middle-income countries, the ISN collaborates with several organizations, regional societies, and partners to sponsor and promote fellowships tailored to specific specializations and regions.

The deadline to apply is May 1. Submit your application here.

These include:

  • The ISN-UHN ExpLoRe Home Dialysis Fellowships in dialysis
  • Ravi Mehta ISN AKI Fellowships in acute kidney injury
  • ISN-IPNA Fellowship in pediatric nephrology
  • ISN-TTS Fellowships in transplantation
  • ISN-SLANH Fellowships in Latin America
  • The ISN-APSN, ISN-ANZSN, and ISN-Indian Society of Nephrology Fellowships for nephrologists in the Asia Pacific region
  • ISN-Kidneys for Life Fellowships and ISN-Heartlands Hospital Fellowships for nephrologists who want to train in the United Kingdom

Find out more about ISN special fellowship opportunities and how to apply here.

ISN Regional Training Centers provide in-depth specialized training to improve patient care in different regions of the world. Fellows applying to train at one of these centers or staying in their home region receive priority consideration for specialized fellowships.

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