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Advancing Global Kidney Disease Diagnosis: The ISN Supports Attendance at Key Pathology Events in 2024

The ISN supported three ISN members (nephrologists and pathologists) to attend significant renal pathology events in person this year.

Ntakirutimana Gervais (Rwanda), head pathologist at the was supported to attend the European Renal Pathology Course in the Netherlands, where he learned an integrated approach to assessing kidney biopsies.

“The course was so impressive. I had the opportunity to meet faculty members who are knowledgeable about the latest advances in renal pathology. This experience and networking will enable me to effectively apply the skills I gained to handle renal biopsies back home. I believe this will significantly alleviate the burden on patients who currently have to seek medical treatment abroad.”

Dr. Gervais, who is currently undertaking an ISN Fellowship in pathology in India, plans to progressively set up renal pathology services at his center, beginning with inexpensive, accessible tests.

Mame Adjaratou Mariama Gassama (Senegal) and Clara Quintero Barbosa (Brazil) received World Congress of Nephrology and participate in the WCN’24 Renal Pathology Pre-congress Course.

Dr. Gassama is a pathologist training at Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar. The course was particularly important to her because her supervisor, Professor Cherif Mouhamed Dial, in charge of training in anatomy, cytology, and pathology at the center, is currently the only nephropathologist in Senegal, making advanced training vital. She wanted to gain more skills to support him and help improve nephropathology practices in the country.

Dr. Barbosa, a pathologist at the Instituto de Nefropatologia in Belo Horizonte, commented: “The course experience was extremely beneficial – it focused on the most important points of daily practice. I was delighted to talk in person to course leaders who are ‘opinion makers.’ Learning that more experienced pathologists share the same difficulties as us was comforting. The course positively impacted my work as I expanded my knowledge and discovered new references.”

A new call for applications for renal pathology bursaries to attend key renal pathology events in 2025 will open in August. Look out for more information on the ISN website soon. For any inquiries, please contact Mara Rodrigues at

Explore the ISN Academy to find educational content on renal pathology here.

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