Educational Ambassadors

ISN Educational Ambassadors

Renal centers around the world can apply to the Educational Ambassadors (EA) Program to receive expert guidance and hands-on training to advance new initiatives, skills or services, and community-based research or screening programs.

For up to four weeks, ISN Educational Ambassadors advise on clinical cases and research addressing dialysis, interventional nephrology, renal pathology, transplantation, and peritoneal dialysis to improve clinical care as well as the confidence of professionals, including nurses and technicians, and the quality of life and survival rate of patients.

A potential long-term interaction between the host center and the ISN Educational Ambassador is encouraged to extend the mentorship and foster the possibility of further training through additional ISN Programs.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the ISN Academy which is an interactive e-learning platform and mobile app providing equal access to the latest knowledge in nephrology. With up-to-date and interactive resources, it opens doors to a unique mix of presentations, cases, articles, webinars, guidelines and more.

Read the guidelines carefully to find out if you fit all the criteria. Submit your application via the online platform.

An application is composed of the following:

  1. Description of purpose of training, expected impact, and measurable outcomes
  2. Clear training plan (jointly developed with the expert)
  3. Indication of the duration of the visit
  4. Clear budget proposal for the training
  5. CV of the expert(s)
  6. Ethics approval proof when applicable
  7. Patient Informed Consent Form when applicable.

Applications are open year-round to ISN members from lower, lower-middle, and upper-middle income countries according to World Bank classification, but must be submitted 3-6 months before the planned visit.

Applications are reviewed by ISN staff and the ISN Educational Ambassadors Committee.

ISN works hand in hand with a several organizations, encouraging intra-regional collaborations and enhancing training and education possibilities in selected fields of nephrology.

Educational Ambassadors Supporters

If you would like to support the Educational Ambassadors program, please contact us via the contact section below.

For all inquiries on the Educational Ambassador Program, please contact the Educational Ambassador Coordinator at

The Educational Ambassador program is supported by the ISN Educational Ambassador Committee .

What happens IN an Educational Embassadors Program?