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A Toolkit for ISN’s Registry Initiative, SharE-RR

This paper, led by Fergus J. Caskey, chair of the ISN SharE-RR Advisory Group, in collaboration with other SharE-RR Advisory Group members and global registry experts, introduces the ISN SharE-RR toolkit developed to assist in establishing renal registries.

Access the ISN SharE-RR toolkit here

The toolkit, informed by existing guidelines, addresses key steps such as feasibility assessment, team building, registry design, data collection, and governance. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the generation of comprehensive kidney health data to drive advocacy, research, and public health interventions globally.


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Dialysis ECHO: An Educational Solution to Improve Dialysis Care in Low-resource and High-demand Settings

The authors present a collaboration between the Sudanese American Medical Association and Project ECHO, an interactive E-learning method, to launch the Dialysis ECHO Program in response to the growing gap between the number of dialysis patients and available skilled doctors.

Despite challenging circumstances, the project demonstrates the feasibility of implementing a virtual low-cost telementoring method to train inexperienced physicians in kidney failure and dialysis care in low-resource and high-demand settings.

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