Hands on Big Data Mining for the Nephrologist in 2024

Open Science concepts have given the entire nephrology community a new approach to kidney disease research.

Our space is rich with data that researchers can freely access from around the world. Data, however, is only part of the story. Do you often desire to know what you can DO with your data and what biological meaning you can extract from it? Global access to rapidly-growing databases means data analysis and interpretation can be performed more widely than ever before. This session will introduce you to what data types are publicly available, how to access them, and, more importantly, present and teach hands-on datamining tools that are easy to use and understand. No need to be an expert user, these tools will help you reveal knowledge that may otherwise remain hidden in your data. Completing your research story could be just a few mouse-clicks away. The theoretical session will serve as introduction to the one-on-one hands-on training sessions provided to participants for the duration of the congress.

Join us to understand the richness of datasets, data mining and novel research tools now available for the clinician scientist and basic researcher of kidney health and disease.