Besides its scientific content, WCN’23 offers special events that will make your congress experience truly memorable. Extra features and networking opportunities begin even in the days leading up to the congress. Visit the submenus for details. 

Community Film Event 

Through shared stories, the ISN Community Film Event is a unique initiative to raise awareness and improve understanding of the reality of living with kidney disease. 

Global Kidney Village 

Visit the Global Kidney Village during WCN to discover more about the affiliated and collective societies ISN works with and other ISN partners. 

Global Kidney Policy Forum 

The Global Kidney Policy Forum on Thursday, March 30 brings together key decision-makers and stakeholders to address the burden of kidney diseases in a specific country or region at both the regional and global levels. 

Kidney Studio 

Follow the recording of interviews, panels, and podcasts during the congress in the Kidney Studio. 

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Networking Lounge 

There will be plenty of online and in-person networking opportunities during WCN’23. Visit the lounge in the exhibition to meet with old and new friends, catch up on work or consider which session to go to next.  

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Raising-the-Curtain Sessions 

ISN Collective-Member Societies and Regional Societies will join us for a series of inspiring Raising-the-Curtain sessions, hosted online between March 27 and 29. 

Social Media 

Engage with the ISN community via social media, participate in special quizzes and special events hosted in Bangkok and on all platforms. 

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Spotlight Stage 

The Spotlight Stage in the exhibition brings you interactive and dynamic sessions on ISN programs and activities, the ISN Community Film Event and much more.  

Table Talks 

WCN’23 Table Talks in the exhibition offer topical networking opportunities and moderated group discussions on cutting-edge topics. The list of topics will be available prior to the congress.