The Argentinian Society of Nephrology

The Argentinian Society of Nephrology (SAN) was founded in 1960 and enjoys extensive experience organizing specialized national, regional and international congresses since its first congress in 1974. The SAN looks forward to hosting the World Congress of Nephrology for the second time in Argentina after the successful 1999 edition organized alongside SLANH.

In addition to scientific meetings, the SAN offers a variety of activities to foster opportunities for learning and exchange to improve kidney health and care for patients in Argentina and worldwide. The organization offers research activities and webinars and grants a variety of scholarships for training and national/regional courses. Eighteen SAN working groups and ten committees work to advise on national health policies, strategies and guidance on a range of topics. Its two sponsored Journals promote the latest science and research in Argentina and throughout Latin America.

The SAN pioneered its renal registry in 2004. It began as a regional initiative and then partnered with the National Central Institute for Ablation and Implant Coordination (INCUCAI) and their Chronic Dialysis and Transplantation Registry. The registry is published on the SAN website, with free access, making it one of the most important registries in Latin America.

The Latin American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension

The Latin American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (SLANH) was founded in 1970 to promote kidney health in Latin America. It is a conglomerate of 22 scientific kidney care societies from Latin American countries. The main objective of SLANH is to promote kidney health in Latin America by strengthening kidney care capacity in the region, facilitating knowledge sharing, creating collaborative study groups among nephrology centers, and working with different political sectors. academics, and patient societies.

The SLANH has important collaborative agreements with other international scientific societies such as the ISN (International Society of Nephrology), ASN (American Society of Nephrology), SEN (Spanish Society of Nephrology), ISPD (International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis), and STALYC (Society for Transplantation of Latin America and the Caribbean). Since 2015, SLANH has been officially associated with the PAHO (Pan American Health Organization). The SLANH publishes a scientific journal, “La Revista de Nefrología Latinoamericana