SRC China - USA

EC: Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China
SC: Massachusetts General Hospital, United States

What difference did you make through your Sister Center partnership?     

We have successfully held the MGH-PUMCH annual meeting for 6 years and the lectures were welcomed by a vast of Chinese nephrologists. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we held the 6th annual forum in 2020 combined in the forms of online and in-site; more than 1000 attendees in China enjoyed this academic meeting. Facilitated by the ISN-SRC project, PUMCH has established a comprehensive center for interventional nephrology and conducted in-depth clinical exchanges and research on CKD-MBD and kidney stones. 4 young physicians from PUMCH were sent to MGH for clinical and research studies during level C and B collaboration.

What does the future look like?

Influenced by Covid-19, in-depth offline communication between the two sites is not very realistic in coming years. Both sites planed online and remote means to conduct academic visits and clinical case discussions. As an influential center in China, PUMCH wants to expand the visibility of the ISN-SRC in the country.

EC: China