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ISN is committed to build capacity for kidney care around the world, through research, education and advocacy. 

We have developed over the years a set of Core Programs, which enable nephrologists around to world to access highly valued  funded education opportunities and research grants.

We know that much more can be done, and we are very pleased that the available resources are steadily increasing through partnerships with a wide range of organizations and individuals, who share our vision to build sustainable nephrology capacity in low-and-middle income countries.

  • The Saving Young Lives partnership supports hospitals in setting up sustainable PD programs in low resource settings.
  • The ISN ANIO partnership support fellowships and reserach projects aimed at improving kidney care in India.
  • The ISN-APSN partnership supports a whole range ofcapacity building activities across the Asia Pacific. 

We have many more partners who are helping us to deliver our capacity building mission. You can find out about them HERE. 

We are also engaged in disaster preparedness and relief through our partnership with Medecins Sans Fronti√®res, providing essential medical care to people in the wake of natural disasters, advising and intervening in the management of patients with acute renal failure. 


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