Feb 07 2023
February 7, 2023

ISN i3C Webinar: Value of kidney biopsies in tubulointerstitial kidney disease: implications for CKDu

  • 3:00 PM CET

This webinar will discuss the conundrum facing clinicians working in CKDu endemic areas: whether or not they should undertake a kidney biopsy in a person they suspect to have CKDu.

The ethics and safety of kidney biopsies will be examined, as well as a rationale for why they may be worth offering. We will also look at potential clinical and research outputs from clinical kidney biopsies of patients with CKDu.

Learning objectives:

  • What is currently known about CKDu based on kidney biopsies
  • The ethical considerations of kidney biopsies in CKDu
  • Potential clinical and research outputs from kidney biopsies in CKDu


Pablo Garcia (USA)


Shuchi Anand (USA)

Eranga Wijewickrama (Sri Lanka)

Carmen Avila-Casado (Canada)