Mar 12 2024
March 12, 2024

ISN Renal Pathology Working Group Webinar: Best practices in handling and interpretation of renal biopsy tissue for diagnosis – Part II

  • 2:00 PM CET

Proper processing and systematic examination of kidney biopsy is essential to diagnose medical kidney diseases. This webinar will touch on the fundamentals of kidney biopsy preservation, specimen preparation of immunohistochemistry and choices of staining techniques, employing standard methods for interpretation of histological details.  These can be interpreted, often in a granular manner, with application of digital pathology. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Become familiar with requirements to obtain and handle renal biopsy, in appropriate media for optimal processing and interpretation. 
  • To learn best practices of tissue preparation for immunopathology to obtain best results. 
  • Enable identification of various kidney lesions using additional histochemical stains. 
  • To understand the histology of renal medullary tissue in health and disease states. 
  • Diagnosis of medical kidney diseases in the era of digital pathology. 

Further reading:


Surya Seshan (USA)

Carmen Avila-Casado (Canada)


Lilian Antonio (USA)

Geetika Singh (India)

Joris Roelofs (The Netherlands)

Laura Barisoni (USA)