May 09 2024
May 9, 2024

@ISNeducation Nuances in Nephrology Webinar: Exploring the Interplay – Obesity and Kidney Disease

  • 2:00 PM CEST

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects over 850 million people globally, and the need to prevent its development and progression is urgent. This webinar will delve into the intricate relationship between obesity and chronic kidney disease, offering valuable insights into epidemiology, pathophysiology, treatment approaches, and multidisciplinary care. The session begins with an exploration of the global prevalence of obesity and its impact on chronic kidney disease epidemiology. Following this, experts discuss the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms through which obesity contributes to the development and progression of kidney disease. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of medical management strategies and lifestyle interventions for addressing obesity-related kidney issues. Additionally, the webinar highlights the importance of a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach among healthcare professionals in delivering optimal care to patients with obesity-related kidney disease. Through a series of informative presentations, this webinar aims to empower healthcare providers with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage this complex interplay and improve patient outcomes 


Learning objectives:

  • Understand the global prevalence of obesity and its correlation with chronic kidney disease epidemiology, including key demographic factors and trends, as well as the various hypothesized mechanisms by which obesity contributes to kidney disease development and progression.
  • Explore treatment approaches for managing obesity-related kidney disease, incorporating medical interventions, lifestyle modifications, and multidisciplinary care strategies to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Outline steps to incorporate obesity management into routine care for adults with chronic kidney disease, considering the identified global distribution of obesity and its association with kidney disease.


Further reading:


Manjusha Yadla (India)


Holly Kramer (USA)

Angela Yee-Moon Wang (Hong Kong)