Mar 09 2023
March 9, 2023

World Kidney Day 2023: Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable! – Session 2

  • 10:00 PM CET

On March 9, 2023, World Kidney Day highlights this year’s theme - Kidney Health for All – Preparing for the Unexpected, Supporting the Vulnerable! – with two webinars hosted by the World Kidney Day Joint Steering Committee.

The webinars will explore ways to improve the impact of of natural and man-made disasters on patients living with kidney disease. Concrete and impactful examples will be shared to highlight the need for better health systems preparedness by providing proper access to diagnostic services, treatment, and care. From a global perspective, participants will be able to learn how individuals, institutions, and innovations can mitigate disaster impact.

The webinar will be followed by a live chat with speakers to bring further together the World Kidney Day community.

Learning objectives:

  1. Increase awareness of the significant impact of disasters on people living with kidney disease
  2. Improve understanding of concepts such as integrated health system preparedness plans
  3. Increase awareness of the necessity of ongoing treatments and care for kidney disease patients in the aftermath of a disaster

Further reading:


Dr. SF Lui (Hong Kong)

Ulasi Ifeoma (Nigeria)


Latha Kumaraswami (India)

Agnes Fogo (USA)

Adrian Liew (Singapore)

Dina Abdellatif (Egypt)

Paul Conway (USA)