Anna Petrova

Anna Petrova

ISN-GKHA named fellow

Today doctors have a great responsibility. We not only treat the body of our patients, but we are also their voice in resolving issues. We influence development of science, introduce innovations, and make changes in our local nephrology communities.

I am grateful to the International Society of Nephrology for the constant opportunity to improve. Having access to webinars, the academy, online courses, and the magazine allows you to keep up with the latest scientific research and the right approaches to treatment.

I am convinced that the International Society of Nephrology is an incentive to work and develop further. I thank you for the opportunity to be a member of the Young Nephrologists committee, member of the Educational Ambassadors and SN Global Kidney Health Atlas (ISN-GKHA) Fellow. For me, as a young nephrologist, this is an invaluable experience, a dream that has become a reality.

Despite the fact that the last 2 years have been extremely difficult for my country, I still continue to actively devote myself to medicine. The International Society of Nephrology encouraged me to increase awareness of the population. I have started blogging on social media (Instagram, Facebook), influencing the quality of treatment of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients at the state level.

In 2023 I was recognized as an ISN-GKHA Named Fellow, which is a great honor. Participating in ISN-GKHA has helped me better understand how different countries around the world detect, treat, monitor and protect people with kidney disease. This is an impressive initiative that must continue.

I am sure that the International Society of Nephrology will initiate many other interesting projects in the future and it will be a significant contribution to the development of nephrology and support of people with kidney diseases, both in Ukraine and around the world.