Olga Chub

Olga Chub
Kharkiv, Ukraine
ISN Clinical Research program

I am so delighted that I had this incredible opportunity back in 2013 to start my international professional development with great team of the ISN professionals, including ISN membership, WCN congresses, ISN projects like Global Outreach Postings ISN, Clinical Research Program and I am happy to continue our cooperation.

The war in Ukraine has already been going on for two years. We have not had the significant information about the impact of full-scale invasion on CKD development and progression yet, however my colleagues and I have been observing a drastic increase in the prevalence of CKD and the rapid progression of stable CKD to ESKD in our daily clinical practice.

Thus, considering published reports and our own observations, we hypothesize a significant prevalence of CKD patients in the population shortly.

It is important to mention that the study I am conducting is the first research to investigate the impact of armed conflict on the development and progression of CKD in individuals residing in the war-affected areas. And I am extremely grateful for the ISN Clinical Research Program that made this study possible. Moreover, thanks to the CRP grant, Ukrainian patients have the opportunity to get free examination.

With my previous experience in independent research (Chub O, 2015, 2017), international collaboration (Chub O., 2015 / Global Outreach Postings ISN), and clinical trials (as an investigator/sub-investigator in such studies as Sonar, Dapa-CKD, Relypsa, Dolomites, Iterum, Olympus, Akebia, Astellas, Tricida, Tricida 303, Zenith, and others), I am eager to contribute towards preserving kidney function and improving the health outcomes of individuals directly and indirectly affected by the war.

Taking everything into consideration, this study will provide valuable insights into the relationship between the war and progression of CKD, with the potential to improve the health outcomes of individuals directly and indirectly affected by armed conflict. What is more, this will give us the opportunity to develop effective preventive measures for kidney function preservation during war.

I am deeply convinced that together with your help and cooperation we will be able to achieve our main goal – to cure our patients and improve kidney health of everyone all over the world.

Finally, I have also attached the file with my CV describing my career development and achievements. I believe that everyday care of my patients and their recovery is my main achievement and aim.