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The ISN uses social media to:

ISN Journals

Kidney International (KI) is one of the most cited journals in nephrology. It is widely regarded as the world’s foremost journal on the development and consequences of kidney diseases. Follow our journals on Twitter:

ISN Social Media Groups

Comprising nephrologists from different parts of the world, these groups share kidney-related information through social networks and provide live coverage of ISN events, quizzes, webinars, and interviews:

  1. The @ISNeducation Social Media Team, comprising nephrologists from healthcare institutes worldwide, has a strong presence on social media to share knowledge on a broader scale and promote the global kidney health community and its work.
  2. The WCN Social Media team offers complete coverage of ISN’s annual congress with innovative online educational materials such as visual abstracts, interviews, poster talks, and daily quizzes.
  3. The Frontiers Social media Teams offer complete coverage of the ISN Frontiers Meetings with innovative online educational materials such as visual abstracts, interviews, and live-tweeting of the event.
  4. Follow the ISN Facebook Groups: ISN Young Nephrologists and @ISNeducation

Our Hashtags

Follow our hashtags on all our networks and include them in your ISN-related publications:

  • #ThisIsISN – Everything related to the ISN
  • #ISNYoung – Young Nephrologists
  • #ISNWCN – World Congress of Nephrology
  • #ISNFilmEvent – ISN Community Film Events
  • #ISNFrontiers – ISN Frontiers Meetings
  • #ISNquiz – Are your kidneys ok? quiz and monthly ISNeducation quiz
  • #ISNGTF – ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus
  • #ECNeph – Monthly “Everyday Cases in Nephrology”
  • #NephTrials – Quarterly tweetchat. A joint initiative of the NephJC community and the ISN-ACT

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