Expert Insights: Ethical aspects of kidney care for women


Expert Insights: Ethical aspects of kidney care for women

Several ethical issues may impact the provision of kidney care for women, including issues relating to gender bias and discrimination, and ethically complex decision-making about pregnancy and reproductive care in the setting of dialysis, transplantation, or kidney donation. This session will comprise a series of hypothetical ethical cases involving kidney care for women. Cases will be explored by a multidisciplinary panel that will consider the various ethical values and principles that may influence decision-making and practice in a range of healthcare settings, as well as relevant clinical considerations. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and discuss a range of ethical issues and considerations that may arise in the provision of kidney care and reproductive health for women.
  2. Be familiar with strategies to promote respect for women’s autonomy in decision-making about kidney care and reproductive health.
  3. Recognize factors that may increase the risk of gender bias and discrimination in kidney care for women.

Please review the recorded talks and readings on Ethical aspects of kidney care for women which are available on the ISN website here before the live webinar. These will provide a foundation of knowledge that will inform discussion during this webinar. 

June 28, 2022
3 pm CEST